February 16, 2009


Darcy Spears


3355 South Valley View Boulevard

Las Vegas, Nevada  89102


Re: Additional acts of defamation and worse


Dear Darcy:


Enclosed is a copy of a blog on the site Model Mayhem. Although we only recently discovered these postings they were generated several months prior to your segment regarding “Dr. dabbling in more than psychiatry…”


Traci “Ariane” Glon initiated the blog with extensive details including excerpts and emails sent from me to her. She then invites others to comment {pile on} and eventually {on cue} Shartist, aka Shannon Hart brings forth her accusations and promotes hate in the form of wishful thinking or worse solicits someone who by proxy is willing to fulfill her vision for my demise.


A Police Officer committed just such an act of murder after meeting and communicating with a female ‘victim” online. She manipulated him into killing her ex-husband by posting much defamation about her former spouse and expressing desire for the Police Officer. The ex-husband was a simple person who owned a junk yard and died by gunshot after answering his door in the early morning. After learning of his mistake the Police Officer committed suicide. This case was documented and made for television on Cold Case Files or some similar type of program.


 Darcy, you broadcast a segment utilizing as a source women who to this day continue to stalk, stalk by proxy and harass my family. Now we learn that one of your on air sources Shannon Hart was predicting in essence that:  my body would be found dead in the desert. That’s her double reference to the same death/murder not mine.




Darcy Spears


3355 South Valley View Boulevard

Las Vegas, Nevada  89102

February 16, 2009

Page Two


Enclosed is a recent voice mail left by Traci Glon from last Tuesday evening February 10th, 2009. She called and I answered the phone. She launched into a tirade and I stated that it would be best if she put her grievances in writing as I wanted to refrain from playing “he said, she said”. She continued with the use of vulgarities until I hung up on her. She called back and left the following message.


 She {Traci} is living in pain but there is little I or anyone else can do to be of assistance if she is unwilling to help herself.


 At some point in court, a public forum and/or other legitimate venue you will be required to address all of the damage you have caused to my life, my wife, our family and our businesses-in conjunction with Nina Radetich, regardless of what your attorneys or others have advised you. The longer you delay or remain in denial about your culpability and obligation to make it right the more expensive the resolution.


How much more filth exists as posted online that remains to be discovered? Only time will tell!





Dr. Christopher

6536 Water Crossing

Las Vegas, Nevada 89131




Nina Radetich

Is this little Darcy?

Darcy Spears Letter two

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