Life After Money

            “Where Economics is Sexy”

                           Part Five

Hurricane Spirits and the Halloween Souljacker








def: “downstream person” [16]












The hotel foyer opened to an unimaginable spread of miles of white sand that glistened with the arrival of the morning sun. The slight slope of the terrain to the edge of the ever changing boundary separating the Great Atlantic Ocean from the Peninsula of South East Florida; the demarcation of receding water and wet sand for as far as the eye can behold; Later in the day the horizon offered a merging of sky and ocean as one intermingled coloring of distant brilliance.

To those saved only Almighty God could create such magnificent tapestry punctuated with exceptional kaleidoscope colorization as the night sky consummated with the day. To those non believers the same array of wonder offered itself as an alternative of nature as a testimony to their existence supplanted by a primal conscience that their ancestors once crawled out of the ocean and eventually shed their fins for legs.

Now people walk out of the ocean seeking to dissolve the yoke of repression for a chance to spend a moment in the sun baptized by the fire in their soul and subsequent journey through shark invested salt water from their former home and island nation to live as free men and women.



My Family Your Family

The Catholics

& Robbie

The inhabitants who live and breathe on these coastal enclaves play, worship and work in the cities built precipitously close to the shoreline. Their attention though is primarily focused inward on their jobs, family, friends whilst traveling the daily miles to meet their obligations and maintain the all important lifestyle whether as a park bench bum or affluent yacht keeper with backyard sprouting Kentucky blue grass each blade of perfect length and palm trees extending as high as three stories or more all protected by a concrete retaining wall originally poured to well below sea level affixing to the rocks below and protruding six or seven feet above the ocean surface where passing boaters can view the immaculate perfection of this and other exclusive estates from the water.

Where Robbie can survey some of his vast material domain from the elevation of his master suite window while receiving oral satisfaction from Jane her head resting on a double pillow to achieve the proper angle, her knees pushed up against his back like a captain’s chair as he repetitively lurches forward to achieve primal ecstasy while emulating the profuse sweating and muscular strength required to catch the big one. Her body now glistening in his perspiration her mind resting at ease that she remains queen for the day and the lifestyle to which she has become so acquainted and pampered as his wife and mother to their three children; not his vast holdings or her named as primary beneficiary to his multiple seven figure insurance policies and set for life but more importantly that he remains her loving husband.


She laid there for an extended moment as he now robed has taken his leave and ventured down to the dock to smoke a cigarette. Robbie of few words regarding affections for his wife and family was none the less most appreciative of his status in life. Not because he was the most sought after international banker in all of Miami as able to remain within the law while accepting the diversified holdings of Argentine, Brazilian, Columbian and other persons of influence desperate in some cases as in Venezuela to move their money out of the country prior to their expectation that Hugo Chavez would consolidate all remaining powers to himself even now while his body riddled with cancer dedicated much of his remaining time on earth seeking appropriate treatment in Cuba. Robbie could ferret out even the most mundane money laundering scheme and with the banks under increasing scrutiny his ethical perceptions and advice were always in demand from both his employer and competitors alike.


His greatest personal accomplishment though was to work hard as a Husband and Father. He had seen his share of high rise dreams crash to the earth with nothing left for the burned to hold onto but the memories of a prior life with money. No family, no emotional sustenance, no faith community or lingering conversation with a Styrofoam cup of coffee in one hand while cradling a child in the other and listening intently to light chit chat describing the daily walks of fellow parishioners.  Nothing to balance the endless litany of people playing to their vanity and false hope while easing into their wallet for deposits, fees, retainers, advertising and public relations gimmicks for projects that would never turn a profit let alone attract a single tenant if built. The Lucky ones were turned away at the bank and forced to self finance or abandon altogether their insane trajectory into the abyss.


Watching the mayhem on the street from his perch high above the city from an Executive Office with a seemingly endless view of the coast line and Atlantic Ocean provided a sense of mortality and finiteness to life. He had already liquidated much of his own stock portfolio and registered with the Security and Exchange Commission to sell half of his share of the bank of his employment. He appreciated the due diligence of his South American customers to spread their cash and cash equivalent assets to other domains and countries. He did the same thing opening an account and purchasing shares through the Toronto Stock exchange denominated in the Loonie.  He was mystified how the Bank of America could kowtow to Bill Gross and Pimco and those knuckleheads at BlackRock who purchased toxic assets from Bank of America and are now experiencing buyer’s remorse with hands out seeking a refund masked as a settlement of $10B. Robbie reasoned wasn’t it Blackrock that lost over $500M of Calpers  retirement money in their misguided purchase of  Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village apartments in Manhattan that left all of those California firefighters, police officers, other public servants and teachers holding the bag?  [6][7]


Didn’t Bill Gross just sell is private stamp collection for like $100M and Robbie remembered when Bill Gross and Pimco were going to snap up all those “bad bank” assets but balked and the program never saw the light of day. These wolves masquerading as sheep should be shown the door and Brian Moynihan the CEO of Bank of America should send them a message loud and clear: “You bought it you own it” and veto their settlement offer. It’s time to batten down the hatches and let the case proceed to court. “Brian Moynihan: “please protect the bank, shareholders and creditors from these bond animals and tell them to go pound south beach sand thought Robbie” But those Pimco and Blackrock vagrants were small potatoes compared to the potential $1.2T liability of Countrywide and Bank of America combined if any substantial amount of mortgage putbacks [20] scaled the legal barriers in court. He offered a moment of quiet reflection for Sallie Krawcheck whose recent sudden departure from Bank of America as one of the most powerful women on Wall Street really did die like a man. [21] An executive the financial critic YieldPig observed;  was an average manager but who was awesome at kissing ass and to be most remembered for her youthful appearance and crashing the middle aged Executive’s man’s club as a youngish forty something woman.


Robbie was most grateful that his bank was not involved writing questionable mortgages and that they made their money the old fashioned way; they earned it on deposits, trust formation and funding, currency trading and monthly fees. Eight percent growth year in and year out after expenses is how he and others at the bank were as geniuses when they just preferred not to over play the hand they were dealt. He surmised that the financial services sector of the economy and especially banking would experience substantial shrinkage in this the era of sleep walking Japan and the lost decade of deflation now descending on the United States despite the valiant efforts of Big Ben to inflate our way out of the problems by imitating the Japanese and holding onto these zombie banks rather than allowing them to implode in an orderly way and then dividing up the salvage for reentry as regional players.


Businesses like people Robbie reasoned can become really big and then they naturally disintegrate and restart from the ashes of the Phoenix as smaller and more efficient in all but a few cases. Robbie had long since surrendered his proprietary aspirations to be the wealthiest guy on the planet or at least in Miami or Dade County and now instead focused on service to his family and God which made him one of the most trusted advisors of the community with his clients, family and friends alike knowing that Robbie would always be there for them either in person or through thought transference [22] giving his best to improve their lives through his conscious contact with Almighty God one day at time.


Even though the economy remained in turmoil with another downturn likely as politicians especially the President remained in denial failing to grasp that the tectonic change in the economy required structural reforms recognizing that the massive de-leveraging and deflation underway were the results of the last fifty years of over consumption and begging a hastily convened joint session of Congress to approve another half trillion dollar stimulus package with the promise to pay for it later subjected his administration as brilliant for marking the official end of his presidency.


1. Cowboy Junkies-Trinity Sessions-1988.10

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This photo book testimony of spiritual redemption contains graphic  descriptions of sexual encounters, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, psychological brinkmanship, economic warnings, miracles of mercy, and as the Watchman of the Bible warns the believer and non believer alike to heed the word of Almighty God and live life according to the Ten Commandments.

*  Vise   Show Spelled [vahys] Show IPA noun, verb, vised, vis·ing. noun 1. any of various devices, usually having two jaws that may be brought together or separated by means of a screw, lever, or the like, used to hold an object firmly while work is being done on it.



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