Life After Money

Part lV

Legal Madness

Hillbilly heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice

A pope and a lawyer both died and went to heaven…                {Please refer to Plaintiff’s Exhibit # 6 for the rest of the joke}

The Hillbilly Ten Commandments


With special guest appearances by:

Traci Glon as: “The Watchman” &  Darcy Spears as Roxanne


I. Law and Disorder

One day in the fall of 1995 they arrived in this oasis in the desert and located a three bedroom apartment at Princess by the Lakes off South Durango near the intersection of Sahara Avenue in Las Vegas, Nevada. The following summer they were actively encouraging their J1 and other physicians to join them in this their new home town.

One hot afternoon while on an extended phone call he looked out from his second floor office to the seemingly endless desert floor beyond the parking lot. Just then a woman jumped over the retaining wall and crisscrossed the sandy plain towards the next subdivision to the east. She walked about ten paces from the property line and stripped naked carrying her shorts and t-shirt in her left hand. She never looked back and slowly disappeared into the translucence of heat waves and brilliance of the sun.

At that moment he realized that this town was like no other he had lived and someday he would capture this type of uninhibited attitude in art form.

Their physician clients arrived first one then another then twenty in one year. In the meantime they expanded leaving the apartment for a condo with garage then a small starter home, a five bedroom home at the Lakes, a brand new purchase on the Southwest side in Shadow Mountain and finally on the edge of the Northwest side of town in an Executive Home for lease at Steeple Chase where they entertained their physician clients on a half acre the amenities of waterfall, pool, spa, scenic desert floor and snow capped mountains extending across the entire horizon as viewed from the deck off of the master suite.

Coyotes and Cougars occasionally emerged from the remoteness of the mountains trekking across the miles of aridity to feed on pet kitties and pups no match for these the most perfect of all predators, only the Chow Chow’s bred for protection and war confronting the intruders forcing them to reroute their neighborhood entry point.


They were among other things students of economics who sold their previous home near the top of the residential market in Southern Nevada netting two hundred thousand dollars for a one hundred percent return on their investment; preferring now to rent the most prominent house they had ever called home, sitting out an unstable real estate market while winding down their litigation portfolio.


They received a call from the Dr. Phil show to appear probably with Bubbles who still reeling from her previous rejection of not qualifying for their modeling for art project and had previously sought a radio debate and appearance on Judge Judy now working overtime to trade on their fame as her own. She not satisfied to receive executive production credits with her friend Darcy Spears for their contribution slandering the life of Dr. Christopher in an episode of “Las Vegas” utilizing the alias Tracy D’Arcy. Remember the show starring James Caan as “Big Ed” Melvin Deline and that scrub Josh Duhamel as Danny McCoy.


 They with mobility to live and work anywhere decided that the phone rants of Bubbles, the drive bys of Darcy Spears, even after she left NBC to work with local Las Vegas affiliate ABC and the late night door poundings each incident and imposition used by the Lord to nudge them from sin city to a more stable state; which they did to a small community in New Mexico.  They prayed Roxanne would stop underestimating their strength as an adversary and committing classic Tau Tech Ching mistakes. Down girl!


Prior to leaving he wrote a letter to David Sternlicht Vice President of Media Law for NBC and mailed it to his fancy office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York requesting that the hacks employed by the Dr. Phil Show and NBC please cease and desist from making any further contact with them and remove the GPS tracking devices from their vehicles or compromising their Low jack transmitter for the purposes of stalking them to the Gym and aquatics center at both Las Vegas Athletic Club and 24 Hour Fitness Center. On their way out the door they caught a glimpse of bubbles throwing rocks at the moon. [83] They would love to purchase the book and movie rights to her life story when and if she retains a moment of clarity to conduct business in an ethical manner.


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II. Allegations that Slave Labor is openly practiced in Nevada


 Problems emerged as early as 2004 when they received feedback from some of their J1 client physicians who were subjected to abusive work relationships. They through their corporation Zenity known as the physician placement people chose to advise new doctors to avoid Nevada for now and settle in other more appreciative states. Departing was easier said than done as one physician was required to attend an inpatient physician anger management clinic located in Lawrence, Kansas. Upon completion of the program the doctor was forced to remain in Nevada for an additional two {2} years to expunge the complaint from her file.

Zenity audited their clients to determine exactly how many of their physicians were living and working in Nevada, surveying them for their feedback and guiding them to other jurisdictions while maintaining compliance with the federal restrictions placed on their visas. They read a series, in the Las Vegas Sun, a local Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper, regarding J1 doctors in Nevada. It was reported by Marshall Allen who among other credits: “won first place in the health care beat reporting category in a national competition sponsored by the Association of Health Care Journalists.” [1]


In one of the articles of this well researched series spanning several years Marshall Allen specified a number of instances of J1 doctor abuse at the hands of their employers, including the employer physicians demanding their new doctors sign his or her paycheck back to the employer, work in non J1 authorized locations including at extended hours for no pay and succumb to extortion demands of threatened firing and loss of their immigration status if they refused to comply.

Although these allegations were brought to the attention of the State Board of Medical Examiners and the Office of the Attorney General of Nevada progress in verifying the claims remains muted and prosecutions of offenders virtually non-existent.

Marshall Allen recently published an update to his work regarding one of the alleged offenders who fired a J1 doctor because he was ill and failed to show up at a health fair. [24]

Dr. George Baramidze was such a great employee he often worked eighty {80} to one hundred hours {100} hours per week while compensated for only {40} forty hours. Meanwhile his fat cat employer Rachakonda Prabu and his wife spent an evening at the White House as guests for a State dinner honoring the president of Indian in 2009. [25]

If these allegations are true Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu provides additional insight to the exploitation of labor curve in economic thought, theory, and ultimately his own demise. Priceless!

Dr. Rachakona Prabhu did you and your lovely wife each with a legitimate invitation to the State dinner meet Michaela and Tareq Salahi the alleged White House crashers [30] and fellow alleged insider impersonators? We have always admired Micaela and Tareq for gamming the system. They may have stiffed a creditor or two and lived in a pretend world but at least they didn’t jam up their own employees; Did they?

Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu, one of the most politically connected physicians in Las Vegas has been the subject of an investigation by the federal government for his alleged mistreatment of foreign doctors he employs. Now he’s the subject of another investigation; this one by the Nevada State Health Division, for the alleged harassment and firing of another foreign physician.” [26]

Dr. Rachakonda Prabu why retain a criminal defense attorney like Dominic Gentile?

 Is the law dog moving in for the kill? Are you aware that one of his other high profile clients and criminal defendant Lance Malone, a former police officer and bagman in the G-Sting political corruption trial, received the longest sentence of all defendants, including the politicians, a whopping six {6} years at Lompoc?

The commissioners including Mary Kincaid-Chauncey {D} and our former commissioner Erin Kenny {D} [44] who pled guilty as well as Dario Herrera {D} and each received less time than Lance Malone. Dario Herrera was convicted of {17} counts of conspiracy wire fraud and extortion [45] although we thought he was convicted of receiving oral sex on a golf course because Darcy Spears mentioned it so many times, like eighteen times.  [27]

Dr. Rachakonda Prabhu have you ever visited the Federal Prison in Lompoc? It’s a moving or shall we say a mooing experience.

“If he’s got a legitimate gripe, bring it on,” Gentile said of Dr. George Baramidze. [28] The last time we heard that phrase was by President Bush regarding insurgent attacks in Iraq. The year was 2003. [29] Do we currently retain a presence in Iraq? We do, and it’s 2011?  Be careful what you wish for Dominic Gentile you might just get it! Oh you’re a lawyer, and prolonging the proceedings for years is like money in the bank. We almost forgot that economic efficiencies {y} and legal protractions {x} remain as inversely proportional or the multiplicative inverse with the non zero constant “k” or y = k/x. [31]

We will shelve the discussion of The Art of Frame Theory in abstract mathematics and its application to criminal law for a future publication. [51][52]

III. Sidebar

                                     Political Hacks Chasing Quacks                      

The current Mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman {D} is prohibited from seeking a fourth public paid free ride due to term limits. Therefore in the tradition of Nevada family political dynasties his wife Carol Goodman {D} seeks to carry the Mayor in the family theme or at least the Gin Tumbler forward. Mrs. Goodman who participated in a debate forum on a Saturday afternoon in February 2011 stated that: “the city is headed in the right direction with medical tourism.” [70] Is she seeking to emulate India where people return from medical tourism vacations infected with and spread super bugs for which there are no known antibiotics?  Chris Giunchigliani {D} a sitting Clark County Commissioner also seeking the mayoral bid agreed. Are they reading the same newspapers as we regarding predictions from fellow Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak {D} that the local residency training hospital University Medical Center managed by Ms. Giunchigliani and the rest of the Clark County Commissioners may close within {3} three years due to previous graft, corruption and excessive non compensated services provided to the community all amid its staggering debt?  The former UMC hospital administrator may eventually stand trial for allegations of fraud or other criminal behaviors; his indictment prompting another Clark County Commissioner Yvonne Atkinson Gates to suddenly resign and return to college; or were Mrs. Carol Goodman and Chris Giunchigliani referring to the case of one Dr. Dipak Desai a local Gastroenterologists practicing medicine in Las Vegas since 1980 and the central character in a high stakes drama playing out in court for years past, present and future regarding a preventable outbreak of hepatitis, the first jury punishing two drug makers with a one half billion dollar judgment while boatloads of additional medical refugees float toward the court docket.

Meanwhile Dr. Desai after careful evaluation has been determined by the court to be mentally incompetent to aid in his own defense and ordered to reside in an appropriate mental health facility in Northern Nevada until further notice; or maybe Carol and Chris were referring to the involuntary servitude provided compliments of overworked and underpaid J1 physicians to promote their medical tourism theme.

Oscar Goodman screwed the pooch by not extending an invitation to a local Casino Family and owners of the Sacramento Kings, who are contemplating a move to Anaheim, California due to a stalemate in Sacramento over funding and location of a new pricey arena in a down economy and away from the antiquated ARCO center in Sacramento, to consider instead locating to Las Vegas.

Oscar Goodman couldn’t muster the gas necessary to inquire if the Maloof’s would consider relocating their NBA Franchise to Las Vegas. "Goodman, who is trying to lure an NBA team to Las Vegas, said he hasn't talked to the Maloofs about relocating and has no plans to do so. [80] Since rumors abound that their coveted Palms Casino is allegedly in trouble how about throwing the Maloof’s a life line and generating community support   for an arena, creating some consolidation of synergy for their family and brand name.


Uriah Heep-The Best of Uriah Heep- 2001.4


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