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Opinion “Legal Madness” Part II:

Hillbilly Heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice




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Idolatry and Law

Popular Misconceptions about Gold, Silver and Bankruptcy!

 “I’m Randy Johnson of Johnson Jewelers and I want to buy your gold” Our advice is to sell it to him. Keep the jewelry in the family and dump the coins unless they are also family heirlooms or rare numatics then under no circumstances should you part with them; but no so for any gold, silver or platinum bars lying around your cave. Inflation was a myth now ignited in the exporting of our path of least resistance by

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke preventing us from hitting an absolute bottom in the economy through his scheme of quantitative easing meant to tweak the Chinese out of their morbid rigidity and glacial speed of reform while creating bubbles in commodities markets world wide. The civil disturbances in emerging markets partially compliments of the exporting of our obligations the human suffering of poor Egyptians and faceless legions in dirt poor countries unable to afford the price of the wheat in a loaf of bread. But all local pain shall not be avoided as the unemployment rate will remain near or at double digits until structural fiscal reforms in taxation are implemented by Congress and signed into law by the President of the United States.

The unemployment rate declined to 9.0%, from a previous rate of 9.6% and a national high of 9.8%. But in the same report we added a total of 36,000/36K jobs. Robert Reich states that we are now a nation of two economies. [49] Dr. Reich conveys as has been previously reported that in order to integrate all those persons seeking to enter the job market we need to add a minimum of 125,000 jobs per month and in order to return to pre-recession levels we need to add 300,000 per month continuously for five years.

In Summary we are experiencing wage and housing deflation for the foreseeable future with {20%} of Florida homes vacant and Celia Chen a housing analyst with Moody’s Analytics:  “Some metro areas won't get back to their pre-recession peaks until long after the present owners are old and gray. She doesn't expect Naples, for example, to come all the way back until the late 2030s. Other Florida metro areas with a 20-year wait or longer include Punta Gorda, Palm Bay and North Port.” [95]


The Servant Master

The Fat Cats on Wall Street, The Rich and Connected, their Cronies in the White House and the working class Americans who anointed the lifestyles of the rich, famous and powerful-some of whom give of their treasure and time each and every day of their lives and many others who squander their privilege on hedonistic pursuits until embarrassed into acts of proper morality as when Larry King was caught on tape leaving a Las Vegas restaurant and a man called out:  “Hey Larry can you help me out?” Larry King palmed a bill to one of his handlers who passed it through the crowd until it reached the crier who persisted in his calls to Larry King who responded with words to the effect:  “What does the guy want; I gave him $5.00 bucks?” You tell him Larry! You’re not cheap you’re frugal reminding us of Lazarus and the Rich man. We believe that those who call out to us without speaking a work on street corners and in parking lots are messengers from almighty God and we should do what Jesus requested when Peter asked him about this very subject. “Give to everyone who asks of you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you; do not demand it back,” [50] and for our brothers and sisters who believe that a simple act of kindness amounts to enabling the street bum, fake street bum living large and driving around town in a Silver Shadow and residing in multiple mansions, the alcoholic or drug addict; so be it. We’re not doing it for them; we’re doing if for ourselves. Your government and charity funded resources are already stretched past the breaking point; so what was the point of your recovery blather? Besides the money we palm them goes straight to the bottom line and may actually help them hit bottom too with no deductions for administrative overhead, accounting, legal, advertising, fund raising and of course the proclivity of the head cheese to draft a cool $300K for running the joint. Are you listening John Stossel and aren’t you a libertarian? 

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G. Deflation

The final countdown

We don’t mind if the part time true believers continue to worship the daily gains of the stock market, the quarterly reporting suspect with firm after firm reporting record profits as accounting rules remain in suspended animation and Gentle Ben keeps pumping through the Treasury Department, with a stock trading desk, a cool 60B a month or so into the market. Larry Kudlow appearing as kind, intelligent, and spiritual has seen the light regarding the capitalist game and mantra that profits are the mother’s milk of whatever with nary a mention that the government is now playing the stock market during his daily visit via CNBC to our media theatre.

At night though the pumpers drop to their knees bedside and pray that the good lord will keep Chairman Ben safe and dispatch two guardian angels, one to protect him in the greasing of the wheels just a little more until of course they fall off; and the other angelic intervention as protection from the bear polishing his teeth in Uncle Ben’s rear view mirror. In the meantime we anticipate that once this piñata bull hits the wall and the goodies fly across the room that the reality of deflation will once again be proffered as a topic of discussion the equity markets and certain precious metals like gold [43] and silver will collapse and the dollar will soar.

 We analyzed in July of 2010:  “Life after Money Part II-Real Estate and Economics” that housing prices in Clark County will decline another 20% or 30%. Yale Economist Dr. Robert Shiller stated in Davos, Switzerland this January 2011 that the housing market appears headed for additional declines. Economic Forecaster Gary Shilling was quoted in Forbes stating:  “There are 2.1 million unsold houses. Excess inventory is the mortal enemy of house prices, which may fall another 20%.” His comments were published on August 9, 2010. 

People are expending their scarce resources retaining counsel and fighting the banks in court to retain their home which may be hopelessly in the red. It is better to lose half of ones wealth whether $100.00 or $10M than to lose all of it. The stock market taught us to evacuate. Sometimes we have to sell or walk away but bankruptcy is rarely the answer. It is much better to simply do nothing and remain still after vacating the home and mailing the keys back to the lender, ceasing payments to anyone other than the grocery store or corner market, rent payments, auto repair, fuel, utilities, clothing, lunch money for the kids and cable as a luxury. Oh and hoard your cash. Bankruptcy’s can be reversed and the filer may be charged with fraud if one fails to provide full disclosure of all assets. Bankruptcy must be disclosed on any application asking: “Have you ever declared bankruptcy?”  It is usually the question just before: “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” Some debts like school loans may not be discharged in bankruptcy and bankruptcy remains on the credit report for eleven years like a foreclosure. Why take both hits when one will suffice? Unsecured bank loans {credit cards} disappear in seven {7} years if left undisturbed.

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Law and Jurisdiction

The Invisible Line between Safety, Asset Protection and Jail

In Hennepin County Minnesota people are removed from their vehicles during routine traffic stops and carted off to jail. Why? Because they failed to pay a bill now a civil judgment and the amount of your bail; the same as your judgment of up to $2,500.00 whichever is less. Brilliant! [100]

All States were not created equal! We reside within a few hours of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico a city my parents used to visit on extended weekends and return home with all sorts of leather goods, candles, fine tequilas, Piñatas, hand made linens and rugs.  We don’t venture there anymore but someday soon we will return in mass and drive the devil out of his new sanctuary. On this side of the border we reside within a range of the safest city in the United States save for a few whizzing bullets delivered from Mexico and stopped by the concrete at the city hall and the University of Texas at El Paso and more recently in a rural Texas road crew. The invisible line by and between the United States and Mexico is often conveyed as porous but for purposes of aggressive acts it has remained secure. Texas affords the most asset legal protections and that’s why Texas leads the nation in both asset inflow and job growth. The population of Fort Worth, Texas adds one million persons every six years. Texas recently added 20,000 jobs. South Carolina was second with 9,000 jobs. The fertile triangle of North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska all boost negative unemployment rates of less than 5% as a 5% rate of unemployment is considered full employment or natural unemployment consistent with an expanding, growing economy that has no inflation. [96]


Law and Reformation

Desperation is the Mother of Invention applies to Legal Reform too! The legal system must reform itself to provide some profit or real utility for their clients. If the lawyer receives $30,000.00 in client funds then he/she should deliver $30,000.00+ in cash back to the client. We have no qualm with Luke Ciciliano. We wish him well. He fought like an animal in court for his clients. He may have crossed the line on a number of times but we retain no ill will. We would offer him simple advice; dump the dump you call an office and work off of your kitchen table. Oh! You already did and cancelled your electronic filing account too?

Remember one can’t be all things to all people so reassert yourself in the indigent criminal system and if crowded with two many other starving lawyers then offer your services for free to rebuild your career not accepting additional stalkers as clients as ultimately they will turn on you as she has referencing under numerous aliases.

Otis did you really think you were immune from the wrath of con. You lost the big enchilada. She will never forgive you, ever, especially since your counterclaim strategy backfired and she’s on the hook for $45,000.00 not dischargeable in bankruptcy court since this sow went tits up years ago. You were the hero and now you’re the heel. Masterfully done grasshopper; your check is in the mail. We should work together more often. We have more people we would like to punish but only if the fish retain you as opposing counsel.



Insurance and Law

We have confined our discussions primarily to civil case law with a great American salute to criminal defense attorney Barry Scheck and The Innocence Project seeking the exoneration of wrongly imprisoned Americans some languishing on death row. We remain steadfast in our opposition to the death penalty and praise visionaries like Barry Scheck for their commitment to freeing the innocent caught up in a hopelessly flawed system.

 The obfuscation of lawyers putting their own interests ahead of their clients seeking civil remedies abusing the trust instilled in them while their union steward the Nevada Bar promotes through their website and in person interviews their staunch support of the public to reign in the excesses of their own paying constituencies by definition represents a conflict of interest. But civil counselors are small potatoes compared to insurance lawyers. We’re not talking about the hacks purchasing add time on television who in representing your interests simply take a cut of the meager standard car accident settlement proffered by your auto, property and casualty company. No we’re talking about the lawyers who sit around pick their noses while writing the indecipherable language in your auto, renters, homeowners and small business policies.

Policies that are so boring to read that you simply purchase them because they’re required in order for you to qualify for your auto or home loan or because you actually believe in transferring risks by spending your hard earned paycheck and purchasing a product or service that ultimately will disappoint you when you need it the most your worst fears will be realized not by the loss of your stuff but by the denial of claim or great reduction in recovery due to such terms as comparable negligence which is an industry buzzword to minimize liability by stating that a third party was at fault. Look over there said the artful dodger while he was fleecing your pocket. 

Make no mistake the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry contrary to whatever claims they may make are nothing more than a predatory blight on society. They willingly accept your payments for weeks, months, years and decades but when and if you file a claim their other more diabolical personality will suddenly emerge and you will be in for the fight of your life to recover what is legally due you. Remember insurance companies write the policies that you purchase, then they decide if your claim against your policy has merit and calculate the payout with no third party intervention and when they deny your claim you’re left with spending more money in court to seek what is rightfully yours against their battery of lawyers who may resort to focusing on your life, delaying the proceedings and whatever else it takes to bust you out rather than honoring the legal ease of their own contract. They call it integrity. We call it racketeering and a few select companies may be subject to RICO prosecution. I heard it through the grapevine.

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