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Opinion “Legal Madness” Part II:

Hillbilly Heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice



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American Family Insurance

 The worst company in the World

Insurance companies assign a risk based on actuarial tables of probability of an event or occurrence. Property and casualty insurance companies add all sorts of ancillary costs into the price you pay for your coverage including lawyers, judges, insurance commissioners [87] and the costs to them of maintaining or increasing capital requirements. [88] Both of the referenced articles present theory which provided a moment of clarity for us.  We now appreciate that there is nothing easy about understanding insurance products from reading the policy to how costs are allocated against the premium amount you pay. We believe that the opaqueness of such delivery both to premium payers as well as investors is intentional providing deep cover for malfeasance, graft, corruption and when all else fails the denial of claims to you the now desperate client having budgeted your premium payments dutifully for years if not decades prior to any event other than the fire that destroyed your home and business. Yes your homeowner’s policy and home small business policy is nothing more than a glorified fire policy with what appears to be additional protections included unless the loss is related to almost anything other than fire. Your jewelry, furs and art work all which requires separate riders if available of course with limits far below the value you paid in additional premium.

Your Computer, data loss, accounts receivable; forget about it. Anything else of value; cry me a river. The trick for your property and casualty company is to write the coverage into the policy then in the next paragraph provide the exemptions to coverage, then limit or cap the loss and finally to completely remove the coverage in an addendum or endorsement located in the very back of the policy which they can do anytime the policy remains in force simply by sending you a piece of paper and requesting that you place it in the back of the policy with the rest of their disclaimers. When all else fails they simply deny the claim like the good folks over at American Family Insurance who loathe, despise and hate their policyholders treating them as criminals whose sole reason to file a claim is to commit insurance fraud. Yes the same American Family Insurance or AmFam who committed fraud against us by substituting policy language of a newer policy which was more restrictive in place of the language of the controlling policy at the time of our loss. 

We thought AIG was a complete sham when they failed to set aside any meaningful loss provisions in premium for the many types of exotic financial products they insured or reinsured and when the hokum hit the fan you the taxpayer propped up this criminal organization with an injection of almost two hundred billion dollars $200,000,000,000.00/$200B.

However we must award the worst company in the world to: American Family Insurance based on their inability to reform themselves, employ gate keepers as claims adjusters who only know how to say “NO”, the sheer volume of complaints against them documented online, their predatory business model, their previous record of discrimination against minorities, their tenacity to take the United States Government to the mat over redlining with the supposition that if they were willing to spit in the face of the Government then you the little people have been warned. I think we get the message:  “Shut up and pay your premiums and in exchange we will supply your crappy insurance card but if you bother us with a legitimate claim we will make your life a living hell.”

We estimate that for every person sharing their bad experience in dealing with American Family Insurance that at least one thousand people simply take the hit as painfully as it is and move on with their lives. We read at least eighty negative reviews which could translate to 80,000 or so claims that were rejected in the last few years alone. Yes some postings reflected positive experiences.  We discount many of these as shills paid by American Family Insurance to blunt the devastating feedback from their customer base and third party claimants. Make no mistake the Lawyers and Executives of American Family Insurance will be downright giddy at reading this critique. Why? Because it means their system works. Like fraternity brothers they retain a secret network and handshake bragging about who they just exploited and for how much pain they were able to inflict onto their own client base, offering peanuts to desperate people begging for relief and then laughing out loud in their comfy suites pounding their chest and proclaiming their creed of:  “Today I saved the company money I’m the man followed by “road trip” and “let’s get drunk” prior to leaving the whore house they call the home office early to tip a few at Brewer’s games. Between innings they head for the bar for some real fire water as the sedative effect of beer in suppressing repressed guilt remains limited. Welcome to denial!



Why do the Executives and Lawyers at American Family commit such atrocities against their fellow American Citizens?

The simple answer is that their behavior remains part of the culture that has evolved since the inception of the company. As Wisconsin transplants from the Nordic countries of Europe or from wherever they came they may believe that the denial of claims is prudent business; their reasoning is that the company must remain strong and viable as first and foremost; If their culture changed these executives would lose their access to everything in the world they have aspired to become as glorified insurance salesmen. They walk their hallowed halls and donate millions of dollars of other people’s money to build a Children’s Hospital and suddenly they’re big shots in the community. The inner circle of the wicked consists of men and possibly a woman or two whose entire identities have now merged with the company. In essence they believe at some level that they are the company, the company couldn’t survive without them and they must serve as the gatekeeper and guardian of all payouts with the caveat that the more hoops you make people jump through the less claims you will have to honor. Others are just along for the ride and enjoy all the perks that high office has to offer. They laugh at people who chose to move on with their lives and not play their silly money games. They have been seduced by the evil one and worship money which remains their false god and soon their downfall. We’re not judging these prodigal children as they have already executed judgment on themselves. They remind us of the money changers who cheated people approaching the temple by loading the scales in their favor.


But the wicked shall be destroyed from the earth: and they that do unjustly shall be taken away from it. [Proverbs 2:22-Douay-Rheims Bible][94]

Our advice to your our reader and our friend is that if you have any relationship with any of these cronies intervene in their dream and beg them to repent of their ways. If they fail to heed your call then shun them. Do not socialize with them. Do not attend their Christmas Parties or other so called charity events and do not accept any of their ill gotten gains in the form of even a drink of water if you were dying of thirst. Some of them worship with you in a church, temple or hall. They must choose their master like everyone else.



Call to action against American Family Insurance Group aka “Amfam”

On Christmas Eve of 2010 we received a form letter from American Family Insurance Group [Exhibit #4] stating they are happy to have us as a customer though we are no longer retain any policies with them. They also play dirty by sending $3.00 refund checks for overpayment of your policies while you retain an open claim with them. Please do not cash these checks because then American Family Insurance Group will close your open claim stating that you have been fairly compensated. But these degenerates even play hardball with their own employees stiffing at least one hundred and eleven {111} American Family Insurance employees for over $285,000.00 in overtime pay and refused to knuckle under until two {2}class action lawsuits were filed against them [93][103]. We don’t know if these knuckleheads screwed the hourly grunts or the salary folks depriving them of the faint perk of drawing some overtime pay to shower their family with a few extra goodies in hard times or pay a past due bill but this cycle of abuse against their employees and client base must be stopped.


Please take a moment to read the wrenching email from Seth from the home state of American Family. Seth of Wausau, Wisconsin writes in 2006 as he eats a claim for a puny $3,500.00. You see their corporate mentality of American Family Insurance is to nickel and dime everyone to death. That’s why they are valued at over $15B in assets alone. They confiscated it from their own policyholders by rejecting legitimate claims one accident at time.


But their demise may not be far off. They fell from 352 to 388 on the Fortune 500. [98] Let’s punt them all the way off the lists and then out of business for good!


We realize that good people work at American Family Insurance. If you’re one of them please dust off your resume and depart quickly for other employment with a competitor or in any other occupation. If as a customer you retain policies through their feeder network of personal agents call or email your agent and request that he or she move to another company and that if they do you will remain a loyal customer to them, otherwise when your policies expire vote with your feet and transfer your hard earned premium dollars to any number of other legitimate companies who value your business and won’t abandon you like American Family Insurance Group or Amfam during one of the most crucial times in your life.




 Let’s Stop American Family Insurance Cold

With your help we can take down the worst insurance company in the World utilizing these three simple steps:


                          Tell them what you think of their business ethics:


David R. Anderson


6000 American Parkway

Madison, Wisconsin 53783



                           1-877-216-9232 or reply nvdnc@amfam.com


2. Call or Write one of their most ruthless Senior Field adjusters like Steven Opp and request he stop exploiting his own customers during their desperate moments for his and their corporate gain. He’s a real gem and once quoted to us that one thousand billion is a trillion. It must be lonely out there! No friends or family! No Higher Power; Just a man and his math!



Steven G. Opp

Senior Field Adjuster

American Family Insurance

P.O. Box 740429

Arvada, CO  80006-0429`



      866-746-0963 fax




3. Email or call your American Family Agent and request that he/she move to a new company and you will remain a loyal customer.

4. Purchase your insurance products elsewhere

5. Help your family and friends to steer clear of American Family Insurance.

6. Help us revoke their charter by filing a complaint with the Insurance Commissioner of Wisconsin, the Attorney General of Wisconsin and the Attorney General of the United States for your legitimate grievances only. Together we can make a difference and send a message that we’re sick and tired of American Family Insurance acting like an organized criminal enterprise and we’re not going to take it anymore. Let’s send their officers queuing for some FREE Wisconsin cheese and to the unemployment line or jail and then seize their personal and corporate assets too; liquidating all of the aforementioned to pay off the claims of their former and current policyholders as supervised by the court of course!  


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