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Opinion “Legal Madness” Part II:

Hillbilly Heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice

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Tammy Campbell  live life Love Life God’ s way Chinese Judge Roesetta Stone  Look out for the  Double dip ahead keep safe tell the truth and love the commandments Rj Reynolds  Read Stock market Bears on AskDr.Christpher.com 
Tammy Campbell  live life Love Life God’ s way Chinese Judge Roesetta Stone  Look out for the  Double dip ahead keep safe tell the truth and love the commandments Rj Reynolds  Read Stock market Bears on AskDr.Christpher.com 
Tammy Campbell  live life Love Life God’ s way Chinese Judge Roesetta Stone  Look out for the  Double dip ahead keep safe tell the truth and love the commandments Rj Reynolds  Read Stock market Bears on AskDr.Christpher.com 
Tammy Campbell  live life Love Life God’ s way Chinese Judge Roesetta Stone



XXII   Life After Money Part V

Stock Market Bears

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United States District Judge Gladys Kessler of Washington D.C. has previously affirmed Obama Care. In her opinon Judge Kessler said Congress was acting “within the bounds” of its constitutional Commerce Clause power when it imposed the insurance requirement. The American Center for Law and Justice is appealing her decision. [110] We find it patently absurd that any Federal Judge could rule that Americans would be required to purchase a product simply because they are citizens of the United States. We realize that that entire law would not survive the true test of a free society that people purchase products or services because of their perception of the value it provides to them or their families. Mandates reek of old time central planning systems like the rusting hammer and sickles, mammoth dilapidated public housing complexes and factories located in each of the eleven time zones of the former Union of Soviet Socialists Republic or closer to home in St. Louis. Can you say Pruitt-Igoe?  But our concern regarding Judge Kessler is her contempt for the tobacco and cigarette industry. She recently released British American Tabacco from a Justice Department initiated RICO lawsuit but ordered them to pay the government legal fees anyway. Charles Miller a Justice Department Spokesman declined to comment. The United States filed the case against Philip Morris, USA, Reynolds American, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco and Lorillard Tobacco in 1999. [111] As part of a 12-year-old lawsuit against the tobacco industry, the government on Wednesday released 14 "corrective statements" that it says the companies should be required to publish or broadcast. Judge Kessler has stated that she wants the industry to pay for corrective statements in various types of ads but she has not made a final decision on what the statements will say, where they must be placed or for how long. So the government which relies heavily on sin taxes to fund their excesses and lever the taxes they receive with additional debt offerings of lets say by a margin of 15/1 continues to harass one of the most regulated industries in the United States.  Judge Gladys Kessler wants them to pay for messages meant to humiliate Americans who work in one of the remaining profitable industries in the United States. [112] Needless to say every person ever born since the beginning of time knows that cigarettes are bad and will hasten your arrival in hillbilly heaven. Do we really need the charade of a sitting Federal Judge whose existence is financed by the very industry she seeks to destroy while playing God with our economy? We asked her Chinese Judge and counterpart what she thought of Judge Gladys Kessler single handedly ruining the tobacco industry and fostering the explosive growth of a new transportation industry that doesn’t pay taxes via the duty free bootlegging of millions of cartoons of cigarettes now sold out of car trunks everywhere; and well she was so overcome with laughter that she was immediately hospitalized after being helped into a wheel chair and attended to by three nurses. We were able to complete this interview because we learned to speak Mandarin from Rosetta Stone. It’s all in the inflection!

On the bright side when Judge Gladys Kessler and her ilk including the White House vex and harass American industries into writing off larger and larger losses and posting smaller and smaller profits contributing less tax revenue resulting from their addiction to the perception of their own intellectual prowess while living large on our dime until we eventually default on their scheme. Raising the debt limit should seal their fate. It won’t be long now! We won’t have to impeach District Judges like Gladys Kessler as they will simply jack rabbit out of the building when their paychecks don’t arrive, bounce, or are subject to a fifty percent reduction and austerity emergency pay freezes; their judicial convictions vaporizing faster than their comfort zone when we ask them to work for FREE while we climb out of this hole; Adios Judge Gladys Kessler. You’re conversant in Spanish aren’t you? Thanks for presiding over our welfare; we’ll take it from here.  Freedom returns to America and for you who are addicted to nicotine the most powerful drug on the list of the top fifty chemical addictions including methamphetamine {#3} and alcohol {#10}[113] we say: Thank you for smoking!

Cigarettes can be bartered in any economy. So our advice to non smokers and smokers alike is to stockpile cases not cartoons of multiple brands as they could be worth more than gold. US Grant wrote of this in his memoirs of his duty station near Matamoras, Mexico while also referencing the over regulation of the Federal Government in this case Spain. [118] Some things never change and some people will do anything for a cigarette, like fix your transmission or trade for water, food, fuel, and candles or birth a baby with your radiant blue eyes.   



In a another case of Judicial Activism this time deep in the heart of Texas U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis tossed out a Federal Jury verdict against Apple for patent infringement.  Apple was sued by Mirror World over Time Machine, Spotlight and Cover Flow. These applications are available on Apples three operating systems. District Judge Leonard Davis also found the same for any indirect infringement. He managed to bury his opinion and reasoning in a stack of papers filed sometime later. Unbelievably he upheld the Mirror Worlds patents and honored the work of the jury. [114] Translation could be interpreted that patent law is no longer enforceable in the United States and the patents you own are worthless when ripped from you by a company with a cult following but little else and to you faithful citizens of Tyler or the surrounding countryside who sacrificed so much of your time pouring over all the facts with the necessary due diligence required for such decisions you’ve been duped by a judicial system and a judge who could have short circuited an unwarranted claim many motions ago like any pleading by Apple for summary judgment filed prior to discovery or after discovery closed and prior to trial or after the trial but before jury deliberations. But not Judge Leonard Davis; so remember you dedicated souls in Tyler Texas steer clear of Judge Leonard Davis since you now know what he really thinks about the thought process of a random sample of your kin folk vetted by both attorneys for the plaintiff and defendant in this case. You may be suitable for an art jury [119] but in his courtroom you’re morons interfering in his exquisite style of steering justice from the bench. Leonard Davis was the appeals court not accepting any additional cases?

As for Apple they remind us of Enron when they were the smartest company on the planet. Remember the good old days? Apple to us was one appealed verdict away from exposure as a massive fraud replete with collapsing stock and remains to us as a broken down company one upping themselves every year while their qualify control falters, their visionary is stepping out of the limelight after rescuing them for like the tenth time and their relianance on non innovative solutions as in retaining gunslingers like Paul, Hastings who replaced the original team of patent litigators for Apple [115].

We wonder if Apple is running a secret misinformation campaign just in time for the release of the newest RIMM competitive device offering; Inquiring minds want to know?

In either case the-tell is that the Federal Government had to intervene to save Apple from a judgment against its own pocketbook and a death judgment against its reputation in order to preserve the status quo. There’s a lot of that going on in our new economy.  Like Mr Buffet said you don’t know who’s swimming naked until the tide rolls out. To us Apple is a naked short. Remember the new rules though! No more shorting naked. We must control the shares short and we can only short on an up-tick.

 This was a very close call and now to us Apple has been officially listed on the endangered species list with creatures you have never heard of before like the Jaguarundi in Texas [116]  or the razorback sucker [117]  in Nevada; The later not to be confused with gamblers visiting from Arkansas. Technology issues do not represent the second coming and remain way over-hyped for a feeble economy replete with non ceasing housing and wage deflation and energy and food inflation. Is Microsoft still supporting Windows 95? Ten million users want to know! Apple is considered the bell weather of the group although their newest product offering is staggeringly discounted at overstock dot com.

 Our recommendation is to dump your holdings of Apple before the executives file and sell theirs and the stock gasses; and if you’re a mastermind then consider shorting this pig. One can also purchase the ETF {TYP} from Direxion seeking a -300% daily target as an ultra short for tech at large. Purchasing the ETF TYP is not considered shorting the stock but the tech group at large and your purchase of this fund is not subject to the restrictions placed on shorting an specific stock.

Don’t blame us though when these professional morons continue to run this sick market up attempting to lure the thrice burned retail investor prior to the next collapse. You must have a stomach for large daily paper losses but if you hold tight you may realize substantial gains and then you absolutely must sell!  Pick your entry point and set an exit strategy and execute {sell} once your number hits and most of all enjoy the market ride down! We do not own Apple or are we currently shorting shares of Apple and we do not own TYP or the tech bull ETF {TYH}. Remember the Maine; we mean the Enron/Apple with wormholes! We love astrophysics and shorter voyages through space too!

XXIII   Life After Money Part VI

Political Deities

The Mayor and the City Council of Las Vegas

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Often when national media descend on Las Vegas they hike over to City Hall to interview Oscar Goodman. That’s well and fine though the City of Las Vegas represents a small and ever shrinking component of greater Clark County. Yes Mayor Goodman has a fine time on New Year’s Eve presiding over the festivities at the Freemont Street Experience and after a few pops one such Eve ranted that if Osama Bin Laden showed up words to the effect that” We’re going to kick his ass” and then introducing Gary Reese as Mayor Pro Tem prior to indulging himself in more tranquility at the bar.

The reality is quite different as the great Neonopolis {pro: Neoflopilus} created a block away from headquarters and meant to revitalize downtown with a unique dining, entertainment and shopping experience has been a complete disaster like his administration.

The once premier Binion’s whose founder Benny accepted any bet no matter how large has closed its hotel as has the Plaza a turnaround place for local high school kids who used to cruise the strip watching the hordes of visitors traipsing from casino to casino enjoying themselves with cheap beds, drinking, oversized food portions, drinking, loose slots, more drinking, late night drafts on credit cards for more gambling, heavy drinking and finally at the end of the evening  did we mention she was nude just prior to him passing out underneath the coffee table awaking alone again looking up to the glass above containing the spilled beer and straws with cocaine residue his wallet now soaking in the bottom of his souvenir plastic cup his wad of cash long gone with baby photos and other keepsakes strewn around the burnt orange carpeting installed twenty years prior.

He struggles to free himself from under the four legs of the table each one strategically placed to isolate each arm and both legs and bumps his head into the underside of the glass just as the courtesy knock on the door is followed by a cheery voice singing: “check out in ten minutes.” He staggers to the door and opens it as two maids shriek in horror their screams for assistance in Spanish and he unable to comprehend what they’re saying signals that he wants to know the time of day. He reaches down and in his bush league ritual baseball batting style borne of nervousness of facing a formidable pitcher tugs on stubby and at that very moment his package springs to life from the time release Viagra mixed with beer from the night prior; he now harder than Chinese arithmetic and oblivious to his hallway nudity. Later that evening he appears unwittingly on an episode of Las Vegas Lock Up and two days later with his plea agreement in hand registers as a sex offender for life.

 Ah yes another legendary Las Vegas trick roll initiated with a smile and wink from the other side of the craps table the ego stroked of this John Doe succumbing to the temptation of the night now humbled not even the Rolex on his wrist only memories and then none until awakening as the newest initiated fish to Las Vegas living; his wife  privy to his mischief via the photos transmitted to Ohio his only blessing that he didn’t awaken in a bathtub drawn of blood and water his kidney removed like some guy they learned about upon their arrival. His booking photo now pasted on the front of the box containing his personal effects from work and hand delivered to his home by Rosemary the semi retired administrative assistant always willing to bring closure to the complicated separations from the company. 

After a hearty laugh across town regarding the exploits of another idiot tourist now screwed for life the City Council continues preparation to move into their new digs for the costs of onerous future lease payments leaving a building that was probably paid for twenty years ago.

Down the street the Clark County Commission and overseer of the bankrupt UMC or University Medical Center recently cast a unanimous vote to retain the services of little known Biotronik a supplier of pacemakers and defibrillators with a market penetration of 95% in Clark County though their national average hovers around 5% [107]. Kathy Silver who was appointed interim and now heir apparent CEO of UMC after the forced resignation or removal of her predecessor in a corruption probe has stated that the Biotronik device is less expensive. The Group of Cardiologists, who complete the procedure at UMC, receive a monthly fee from Biotronik and bill per patient for all pre operative care including their usual work ups including stress tests, surgical implant, post operative care and routine maintenance. Sweet!

We would suggest as an alternative explanation that other medical suppliers are not interested in offering their product line to UMC due to the substantial risks involved with any vendor and their offerings when the finger pointing contest commences. Although Biotronik may appear in the cat bird seat for now the harsh reality though is that when one of their devices fails and the implant doctors feign insanity Biotronik will be on the hook for yet another jackpot jury award of $500M+ through no fault of their own. The Executives at Biotronik paid consulting fees to corner the market in the land of jackpot justice to possibly hasten the demise of their fledging company and like the house suiting black jack against the high roller sitting on twenty; they never saw it coming!

 Meanwhile with their vote the Clark County Commission has conferred on themselves the title of most corrupt county government in the United States. We will deliver the trophy as soon as we wrestle it away from the archive collection of Edwin Edwards former Governor of Louisiana. Our sources inside Clark County informed us that the County Government building was actually built within the city limits of Las Vegas and not the County of Clark. Does this sample of incompetence, negligence and or rent paying fraud if true invalidate every vote the Clark County Commission has ever cast as outside their jurisdiction?

Oscar and company are tapping a new tenant for their old building named:  Zappos {trans: Span/ shoe} and their online enterprise are moving their headquarters from Henderson {ten miles down the road} and bringing 1,000 employees downtown. So instead of recruiting a company from out of state to inherit the old city hall they cannibalized an existing company from a neighboring city. We missed the part where they solicited competitive bids for this central location but recently learned that Zappos paid or will pay in the range of $25M for the property, two parking garages and some additional amenities.

The City Council approved a plan to raise the legacy and home of one Charles. P. Squires who bought the land in a 1905 auction of which Las Vegas was founded. He opened a bank, a hotel, helped bring electrical service to the city and assisted in writing the city charter. He is best known though for maintaining two weather stations.

 Why? Mayor Pro Tem Gary Reese said: “It always breaks my heart to tear something down” but he’s going to do it anyway so they can build a five story office building to further secure their place as the foreclosure capital of the United States. We realize the data is based on housing but we have witnessed our share of ghost malls well like Neonopolis the $100M entertainment complex built on top of a $15M garage repurchased in 2006 for $25M and of the 250,000 sq feet of available tenant leases has dwindled to a T-shirt shop, restaurant and Telemundo Studio while the courtyard and vacant spaces continue to deteriorate due to lack of maintenance. [13] 

Rather than destroying the legacy and contribution of a visionary his accomplishments laying the framework for Las Vegas while the current cadre of fearless leaders is laying another egg in commercial real estate, why don’t Steve Wolfson, and Oscar Goodman who was last observed hiding under his desk dispatching Mayor Pro Tem Gary Reese in his stead to make the announcement relocate their pet project somewhere else or better yet

create a virtual five story building on “Farmville”.  We realize the favors aren’t the same but the damage you do will be confined to your own account.

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