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Opinion “Legal Madness” Part II:

Hillbilly Heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice


Alien Abandonment

Martians chose to not renew their commercial leases in area 51 leaving American Family Insurance as the sole tenant in another degraded strip mall again! Between the irrational exuberance for the Zappo’s move and their insanity of building out more unneeded, unwanted and unnecessary office space in a glutted market on the ground of one of the shall we say founders of Las Vegas speaks volumes to their tone deafness and self serving agenda that shall not be interrupted no matter how much the cost to taxpayers nor the irreparable damage done to the preservation of local history leading one to believe

that Oscar and company are quite desperate and willing to pull any lever to slow the descent of their own political oblivion.

Will the city of Las Vegas be nothing more than a relic, memorialized by a monument and plaque at a rest stop on the highway to somewhere else one day the way they want to honor Charles “Pop” Squires with a plaque inside the foyer of another vacant office building?

The Aliens learned of this attempt to bury history upon landing in Vegas to check a rattle and hum in one of their three flying saucers after departing area 51 for their new digs in Texas but only after visiting relatives and their plastic surgery consultation in Dolce, New Mexico toting gifts of rock art of their possible alien ancestors Ant People and Snake People to their kin folk but now telepathically communicating with each other why did they do this?  Mini Martian stepped forward and replied because they listened to their E.G.O. {Edging God Out} and the committee in their head that said they could and that’s why they vanished in the end each and every one. Only a fool spends money he doesn’t have; just ask Barack Obama or Charlie “I’m clean” McSheen.

My favorite Martian then proclaimed another unemployed winner like one of my new twitter followers. A quizzical look from Aunt Alien Marty and a reply:  “Yes he refers to himself as a Rock Star from Mars!” A muffled laugh ensued and they departed into space and time their next gig to practice their new mixed martial art moves gleaned from television shows or while hanging from the rafters at live matches of their heroes Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz but only when Jenna Jameson grants permission for him to fight and Steven Segal their favorite beat them down hound to refine their bitch slapping moves on Mexican cartel dudes exercising discipline not to vaporize or eat them in the process. After all if President Obama isn’t going to help the people of California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas then they must as distant traveling immigrants to the United States and appreciative of the great lives they have been blessed by God as now their mere existence elevated to infamy by the American people must accept some responsibility and pitch in to serve and protect the people of the Southern Border of the United States through the proven  time, space, galaxy and universal strategy of taking the war to the enemy.  <><






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Reference: The Las Vegas Weekly

When I grow up I want to be like Don Jacobs aka Lucky LaRue!



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