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Opinion “Legal Madness” Part II:

Hillbilly Heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice

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Chaplain on the evening of December 1, 1926 after a difficult day on the set of The Circus realized his home was no longer his taken over by the McMurray Clan of Beverly Hills Hillbillies when large rowdy drinking parties were the rule.” When the smoke cleared and the divorce was finalized Charlie paid $650,000.00 to his former wife, her mother and their lawyer uncle. [67]

Meanwhile The Great Seminole Nation is seeking to shun through litigation, in courts far removed from the Circus Circus in Las Vegas, the Hard Rock Casino. The Seminoles may believe that Bad Medicine [23] has permeated this Southern Nevada Community and especially the property bearing their corporate identity.

That very New Year’s Eve the faithful Hillbillies watched the evening unfold from their penthouse suites and base of operations. There must have been three hundred and thirty three Hillbillies in all.

The leader of the family used this special gathering prior to their returning to their homes in Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Tennessee and Texas as a wind down celebration from Thanksgiving and Christmas. Grandpa the Chief Executive Officer pulled out a case of their favorite white lightning from under his desk and those with a thirst for hometown cooking took a pull off one of the dozen or so ceramic jugs.

Grandpa then opened the top drawer of his desk and reached deep into the back where he retrieved his favorite corn cob pipe the one remnant of his prior life he protected in hiding for such special occasions. He loaded the bowl with the fresh tobacco presented to him at Christmas by his cousin Elmo from Kentucky. He leaned back in his chair and watched the smiles and listened to the laughter of his extended family as they viewed the fireworks and the arrival of one celebrity after another for the famed countdown to midnight in any one of a dozen night clubs. Pixie trained the telescope on one such limo as the door opened and Paris Hilton emerged. Pixie then alerted everyone to her arrival. Grandpa between draws off his pipe exhaled a muttered reply through a cloud of smoke, Oh! You mean the Hillbilly Hilton. Someone replied in deference well her twitter account says she is an empire! Everyone laughed and grandpa replied: Yes indeed she might be a legend in her own mind but this last year wasn’t kind to her. She was face planted on the Tokyo tarmac when they banned her entry based on her priors. That trip cost someone a lot of money to fly a private jet to Japan for such a humiliating rejection. You remember how we used to string up tin cans in the tree line to warn us of approaching enemies. Well Paris keeps walking from one catastrophe to another blinded by her own ego with no sense of all that disaster is about to strike. The drugs from her recent bust fell out of her purse into the hand of the Metro Lieutenant escorting her away from the car.  Then some moron stole her $3K birthday cake and posted a message on face-crook about the heist. [76] Doesn’t he realize that he committed felony theft and who in their right mind would pay three thousand dollars for a birthday cake?  No early warning system I tell you, and she like many of these flash in the pan celebrities won’t stand for anyone giving them good advice if it rubs them the wrong way. Another voice chimed in: “Well what about the local Chief Investigative Reporter Darcy Spears Grandpa?” “She’s a California Hillbilly, The worst kind.” “Why Grandpa”  “because she thinks she’s not” She forgot where she came from and so did millions of others who have legislated, regulated, and unionized their state into default and bankruptcy diverting scares resources for their own comfort.

For the sin of false pride and gluttony they shall have neither security nor comfort and sooner or later insolvency shall reign in the Golden State of California now Golden in name only and that brings me to an important topic:”

He tapped his pipe on his mahogany desk and called for in impromptu board meeting as the room fell silent and each and every officer who was already in attendance proceeded to sit down in any one of the sofas, chairs or stools assembled for this occasion and board meeting hosted every year at precisely eleven in the evening on December 31st.

The minders escorted the children to an adjoining room loaded with party favors, hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza cake, ice cream, sodas, face painting  and balloon animal artists and their favorite episodes of Squidbillies playing in the theatre for the young uns to ring in the new year all with their own security detail. A commando unit perched on the roof and another reclined in the basement ready to teach lessons to those who would do wrong.  

 The doors closed and a hushed silence fell over the group. They looked at each other as the lights dimmed and the fireplace crackled to life at precisely eleven-eleven each year. The wood fuel of hickory, pine, oak and cedar all imported from the Arkansas Ozarks and Franklin, Tennessee by Devlin known by his new nickname Lucky LaRue a newcomer to the faith and recovery; a true believer as recently released from Death Row in Tennessee when long lost DNA proffered by Innocence Project and Barry Scheck; his freedom conferred by the court. [68]

The fire builders completed their tasks and sat one on each side of the base of the fireplace the room now totally dark and thermostat turned off. The coolness crept across the room and all eyes turned to the basking glow and warming emissions of their new heat and light source.

Grandpa Hillbilly continued: “You know we offer our annual meeting in darkness and the cold save for the light of this fireplace to remind us of where we came from and how we used to resolve family and neighboring clan differences sitting in a circle in front of the campfire and then sing songs to our Father in Heaven praising him through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Let me remind you that the only thing you will carry with you from this life to Hillbilly Heaven is your faith. So if you don’t have any faith get some and if  you have succumbed to the seduction of this place in all of its decadent glory then you won’t like what I’m about to say.

We have all heard the rumors that the great visionary in the formation of this town almost in its entirety has been saber rattling lately about moving the base of his organization outside of Las Vegas. We also know that California is in the tank and the highway from there to here is always under construction.  Local unemployment is high and may escalate. A homeowners association may have welded shut the water valve forcing a mother and her son in arrears on their dues to steal water from the neighbors hose in the middle of the night or draw water from the local swimming pool just so they can flush their toilets. Let’s give credit to Darcy Spears for her reporting on the cruelty of such people to deny other people the single most basic need of life other than air, water.

The Seminoles are seeking to expel the Hard Rock for their in your face drug and sexual decadence, executive corruption and then welcoming the gaming control agents investigating the complaints with a New Jersey salute.

The Germans through their banking system bought and completed the Cosmopolitan. Thank God! But Harrah’s the MGM and the Palms look precarious at best and one or all could run out of cash in the next few years if no one will refinance their staggering debt load or servicing these loans cannibalizes too much of their revenue stream. We know that Harrah’s retains deep pockets backed by Apollo Group and Texas Pacific buying loans for pennies on the dollar and folding other resorts into their portfolio and may follow the blue print of President Obama when he zeroed out the GM bondholders during reorganization preferring instead to reward the union hall enshrining a culture of waste, inefficiency, corruption and dead leadership.

 Station Casinos declared bankruptcy, buried most of their debt holders, bid on both groups of their previous properties, rebuffed other suitors and re-purchased the assets for next to nothing and debt free save for their previous funding alliances. Their only mistake is that now less is more. Harrah’s can follow that pattern with the added caveat that they’re too big to fail. The Elephant in the room for Harrah’s though is their blatancy in helping to push Harry Reid over the line and back to Washington for another term in the U.S. Senate. No politician in the History of Nevada is as polarizing as Harry Reid and Harrah’s now named Caesar’s has alienated half of their local constituency and client base. Some of whom have vowed never to return to Harry’s. I’m sorry I meant to say Harrah’s. 

The price the special interests including union cronies paid to put Harry over the top may not provide the return they sought as Harry was thwarted once in the lame duck session and again in a dust up with the President regarding loading earmarks destined for Nevada in legislation. It’s a brave new world out there and Harry’s ability to deliver on his promises to bring home the bacon just backfired. He recently visited a joint session of the Nevada Senate and House proposing that Nevada revoke legal prostitution. Why? Because the casinos believe that visits to whore houses drain precious gambling revenue from their properties. We endorse his suggestion that we ban legal prostitution in Nevada which would eliminate these cheesy late night cat house shows and enhance the image of the state. But we were embarrassed for our Senate Majority leader and hometown boy Harry Reid when he extolled the virtues of the annual Cowboy Poetry roundup in Northern Nevada receiving federal funding all enunciated from the floor of the United States Senate.  The healthcare bill he championed through the United States Senate has bounced back in his face like a bad habit, ruled unconstitutional by a Federal Judge, and now Harry was forced to endure the indignity of presiding over a repeal vote binding every Democrat in the Senate to be forever linked to this horrifically bad legislation.  His power is receding day by day until the next election in 2012 when with the number of Senate seats in play and the mood of the country he will probably be replaced by a Republican as Senate Majority Leader. Harrah’s, MGM and the mining companies paid an extraordinary premium in goodwill, contributions and reputation to retain one Harry Reid for a paltry two years in the land of diminishing returns. The last time we checked Harry was a lawyer and his brood of lawyer kids save for Rorie Reid all work as lobbyists in Washington D.C. There goes the family business. It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy! 

But one would think that Senator Harry Reid would leave the grudge match at home. He so hated President Bush that he refused to attend a dinner in honor of the Queen of England. He may refute these observations with the:  “I don’t attend any of those events” reply which is really pathetic for a person of his prominence as the Senate Majority Leader. Harry you represent the people not yourself; therein may be the source of confusion, please grow up!

X. Grandpa Hillbilly’s Economic Forecast

The world has gone crazy and the debtor is now king of the hill. The Bible instructs us to forgive the debts of those that owe us money every {7} seven years. I wonder if that’s why unsecured negative reporting of credit card debt drops off of modern inquires every {7} seven years. Someday it won’t matter anyway as a quote attributed to Dave Ramsey says the perfect credit score will be zero. People wouldn’t get so out of alignment with credit and debt if they had to recalibrate every seven {7} years.  Just look at Europe, every day it’s a new package and another super fund. The latest terminology is “shared burden” which is a polite was of saying confiscation of private profits to alleviate the debt burden of the public sector. Why don’t these countries just default start anew and live within their means? The only way out of this economic mess is for debt to be destroyed. There is no other solution for the private sector, municipal offerings, cities, states and yes even the Federal Government of the United States. Pay or trade at the time of the transaction. That’s how we grew up. Look around you at all of this stuff we have accumulated and for what purpose? None of it means anything to most of us. It’s only our love that binds us together.

Yes my family and friends we have had a good run and now it’s time to sell and return to our roots. The economy here in Las Vegas will stabilize one day but not next year or the year after that and when it bottoms out the famous Las Vegas strip will revert to simple pleasures, cheap stays and hot slots like the days of old. The pain and suffering are too much to bear especially since for most people they choose to endure here rather than moving on to more stable and greener pastures. It’s like a self imposed purgatory. Manichaeism the Iranian Gnostic religion taught an elaborate cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light and an evil material world of darkness. Through an ongoing process which takes place in human history, light is gradually removed from the world of matter and returned to the world of light from which it came. [41] Besides like we tell our favorites customers it’s not your money if it’s still walking around in my casino.              

                    John Prine-Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings 1995.2

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