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Hillbilly Heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice

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Self Preservation

   Karen Hanretty on twitter, Please!  Loud intercom noise followed by squelching then an angry voice stating: Please report to Congress Mr. President. I think I get the republican message as disjointed as it is:

“We prefer the status quo and these undertakings must be the work of the devil through Al Qaeda as freedom loving people only reside in the United States and we are safer with the devil we know rather than the devil we don’t know. You’re deviating from our talking points and finally please appreciate that engaging in conflict is the prerogative of only the Republican Party. Stop spending money on Libya as we can’t afford three wars and please remember no one can spend more on war than a Republican so don’t even think about it.” Right Shawn!

  We’ve never been so embarrassed by so many of our brothers and sisters who missed the turn guided by their own tone deaf quest for ratings risk plunging into obscurity when these events were set in motion by Republican leaders like President  Bush the Father and President Bush the Son; Riots in Bagdad, Not hearing that except via Shawn Hannity.  Maybe a scuffle ensued while anxious youth were waiting to buy tickets for the upcoming Justin Bieber, Never say Never tour.  Shawn maybe you can climb down out of your high chair and hop a flight to well anywhere outside of the studio. You’re broadcasting of hate all things Obama may work on radio but is not transferable to Television. We appreciate your strength resides in the heavies propping you up on both sides on your time slot. Maybe it’s time for FOX to spruce up their lineup. Did you say Glen Beck in his imitation and free association of Art Bell has now fallen on his sword? Shawn it must be the luck of the Irish. We did love the Hannity special regarding the “Early Obama in Chicago though” That’s what we’re talking about! Why do they refer to you as the “Wallbanger”? Inquiring minds want to know!

Iraq is practicing a transitional form of democracy. Facebook and Google by definition facilitate communication and knowledge and knowledge is power. But the main focus for our Muslim brothers and sisters is what they witness from sea to shining sea. That’s why I’m proud to be an American First and an Ultra-Conservative Republican second. This sniping strategy is a real loser and the idiotic film and sound bites may haunt some of you out of your jobs. Your relevancy is at stake. Your safe coddled world where you can eke out a living bomb throwing at the President doesn’t exist anymore. He outflanked you!  Everyone is starting from scratch including the dictators and of course some of them aren’t going to make it. We can run the board with Libya, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Iran and reduce the influence or eliminate OPEC in the process and you want to whine about what? Yes Alan Colmes, It’s all about oil. Always has been and always will be until we fully exploit our own reserves. Can’t run the family tractor without it, wouldn’t be prudent.

Young people aren’t going to settle for new dictators or Islamic Republics to replace the old ones. They want what our birthright offered; an opportunity. Make no mistake the hand of Almighty God is at work and this is not the end but the very beginning and will spread world wide if nurtured to do so. Stop thinking and start feeling.  Please dust off the good book and faith up.  We say free ChinaThe oppressed need our help; like when the French bottled the British Fleet in Virginia; anyone?

We applaud French President Nicolas Sarkosy for his leadership in recognizing the Rebels as the legitimate government of Libya and pray the French and British will intervene and land the elite French Foreign Legion providing cover with their famous Mirage Fighters in conjunction with British Naval Support, The Special Boat Service, Special Forces Support Group and Royal Marine Commandos [91] to quickly dispatch the famous Colonel to the brig or the promised land.

One would believe that at some point self preservation would motivate this President to a call for action as we view his life in economic terms as between $20 and $50 dollars a barrel of oil price bump away from sealing his fate as a one term president and $90 dollars a barrel premium from formal calls for his impeachment for lack of any viable energy policy other than depleting our strategic reserves meant for military emergencies thereby ensuring the complete destruction of the environmentalism movement within the democratic party. He failed to honor the true conservationist movement of Scouting at the historic Boy Scout Jamboree preferring to pull up a couch on the view and chit chat with emotionally unavailable pre pubescent detached intellectual mental midgets like Joy Behar about someone they relate to: Snookie.

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   The pain and suffering are too much to bear especially since for most people they choose to endure here rather than moving on to more stable and greener pastures. It’s like a self imposed purgatory.

Manichaeism the Iranian Gnostic religion taught an elaborate cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light and an evil material world of darkness. Through an ongoing process which takes place in human history, light is gradually removed from the world of matter and returned to the world of light from which it came. [41] Besides like we tell our favorites customers it’s not your money if it’s still walking around in my casino.               

  America is for sale. We didn’t ask for it but with the extraordinarily stubbornness of the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke in his desperation to prove that his thesis was correct is devaluing our economy into the ground. Why does he continue to punish savers when saving creates prosperity and economic independence? Is the question the answer too? 

  It’s a great time to buy American companies from afar as the Germans have tendered for the New York Stock Exchange possibly absorbing their proud 216 year American Heritage or The purchase by the Belgium Company InBev of Anheuser Busch a few years ago, a St. Louis and American Icon for many years; anyone seeking to purchase small intermediate or large American Corporations benefits from the conversion where they trade their stable currency for cheaper American dollars and due to robust deflationary pressures heavily discounted in the media a market replete with pumpers wanting to dump their overpriced portfolios onto the broke retail investor.

  Meanwhile Ben Bernanke finds himself, whether in denial or not, within the jaws of a pincer movement or a double envelope [65] where substantial deflationary pressures remain in housing and wage growth.  He is attempting to inflate the economy through QE2 or quantitative easing {.2} by flooding the world with dollars to battle the deflationary flank; however the exported inflation is causing political instability in many emerging markets where the price of commodities has exploded and is leaching back to the United States in skyrocketing cotton, wheat, cocoa and other food prices as the other inflationary flank.  Many of these costs pressures will be absorbed by the producers because the consumer remains too weak to pay higher prices and will further curb their consumption. The inflation borne by the suppliers will eat into their profits and may deflate the current stock market bubble the lone bright spot in Uncle Ben’s weak hand

  This market tortured higher by bad Federal Reserve policies will like water eventually reach equilibrium at a much lower depth. The remaining inflationary pressures serve as a non legislated tax on the people so the government may devalue their debt. Taxation through inflation remains a cruel way to fund the Obama excesses.

So while President Obama is pretending to be the great equalizer between the rich and the poor his agenda will punish those he most promised to help yet least able to afford his vane pursuits and Ben Bernanke equally culpable as a Republican no less is exerting a Herculean effort to prop up an incompetent, negligent and tone deaf Presidency. Talk about to big to fail. The banking system in crisis is nothing compared to the enormity of this political failure at such a crucial time in our history. Is Ben attempting to prevent a simultaneous economic and political crisis seeking to avert this burgeoning political crisis as the greater of two evils?

At some point in time the term “shared burden” will apply to corporate America when public debt payments become so onerous that the middle class is further diminished. Corporate profits will be confiscated and when that fails to satisfy the insatiable appetite of the beast the government will default on their debt and or war will be declared that is if decisive action is not initiated now. That’s why we love the vision of Michelle Bachman who asked the Veteran’s to lead first by accepting a smaller benefits package. We need the courage our Veteran’s and heroes provide. Everyone else will follow suit when the Veterans demonstrate their selflessness through shared sacrifice or in the alternative take one for the team.

  Ben Bernanke is attempting to drive the ship with auxiliary power the main engines in need of rebuilding meaning our fiscal policies require immediate tax reform not additional regulation like Frank Dodd which is enticing American Brands to locate overseas to remain competitive. Congressman Ed “Rolls” Royce {R} from California recently remarked that the tiny country of Singapore offered a major United States Bank the opportunity to move their operations to Singapore with no corporate taxation for twenty years.

   Meanwhile the President of the United States offered up a $7B reduction against a $3.7T budget. That’s chicken feed. Furthermore he packed the budget in anticipation of the day he would be required to make some reductions and that’s chicken shit. Let’s face it we are witnessing a failed Presidency while we play hide the pea.

  If further proof is required that this President is incapable of protecting our economy the remote viewers are predicting nothing good from the economic and political chaos now engulfing the major world suppliers of that precious commodity oil which some analysts have suggested could spike from the current $100 per barrel price to $120, $200 even $400.

  The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Regulation and Enforcement approved a single deep drilling permit to Noble Energy on its Santiago well located about seventy miles southeast of Venice, Louisiana. This is a well that was started four days prior to the explosion in the Gulf of Mexico and put on hold on June 12, 2010. No new deepwater permits have been issued since the moratorium was lifted in October of 2010.  [82] 

The American people have hunkered down and are waiting for the term of Barack Obama to expire in 2012. If for any reason he is reelected then the American people and hence the American Economy will remain low through 2016. His offer to reduce the deficit by $400B over the next ten years would suggest that if the interest rate on the national debt remains at a previous low auction rate of 1.37% x 14T requiring annualized interest payments of $187,600,000.00 or $187B+ dollars x 10 years against the debt equals 1.87T minus the Presidents reductions for a net increase to the deficit without any additional expenditure of $1.47T or almost one and one half trillion dollars. But why should anyone be surprised?

President Barack Obama has lived on the public dole almost his entire life. A leopard doesn’t change its spots. He retains virtually no comprehension of sweat equity, and believes that money grows on trees. Ultimately he will destroy our way of life in the name of advancing and protecting his core constituencies of Unions, multiple special interests and of course his favorite charity himself. He is a follower not a leader. But we knew this when he voted “present” nearly one hundred and thirty times {130} in the Illinois State Senate [61] and now we own a pig in a poke or worse: So because thou art lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spew thee out of my mouth. [Revelation 3:16][85]

The competition wasn’t the brightest light in the room either. John McSame destroyed his chances of winning the election when he suspended his campaign and jetted over to Washington to vote for the Troubled Asset Relief Program or T.A.R.P. to the consternation of his base [62] and then claimed he was misled. Next he’ll claim he’s the Monkees’ Uncle.

We congratulate President Obama though on his ability to negotiate United Nations Security abstentions from both the Chinese and Russians permitting a no fly zone plus recommendation to be adopted in support of Libyan rebels where we can now establish a credible presence in forming a real democracy in yet another Arabic speaking country for a fraction of the costs of Iraq. President Obama please set the ignore button for those zany Republicans who were caught completely off balance by your decisive stroke in Libya and now they are walking around blindfolded attempting to hit the swinging piñata with a plastic bat and falling all over themselves with one gaffe after another.

Suffering is




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