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Opinion “Legal Madness” Part II:

Hillbilly Heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice

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 XII. High Rollers entitled to earn free OJ autographs

High Rollers are experiencing the pain of gambling too as all those small and not so small markers they signed have now come due and are treated by law in Nevada as bad checks if not paid, subjecting some of these sought after gamblers to criminal prosecution and years in a network to which they would have never willingly joined: The Nevada State Prison System and home of Orenthal James Simpson. [32]  Of course we would be remiss in not mentioning our favorite alleged predatory pornographer Joe “I didn’t know they were drunk nor of legal age when they flashed their boobies while I video taped them”

 Francis was indicted over a $2.5M unpaid marker treated as passing a bad check for a gambling debt at the Wynn. [54] But Joe Francis not to despair as Bono and his company Elevation Partners lost $140M [55] gambling, we mean betting, no really investing on the Palm Smart phone. In the accompanying photo Bono posing as the fish… we mean

 Share holder appears as though he doesn’t know whether to shit or steal third. Bono you can tune a piano but you can’t tuna fish.         

 All jokes aside we love Bono as he provided us complimentary tickets to a U2 concert in St. Louis the very night that the Cardinals lost to the Minnesota Twins in the World Series. Years later we were again provided complimentary tickets from ticketmaster for a U2 concert in Los Angeles but we were unable to attend due to prior service commitment.

 More importantly we wish to thank Bono for his advocacy on behalf of the poor and sick of the world by not adopting a single child to draft more attention to him self; rather for soliciting needed drugs for many thousands if not millions of persons desperate to remain with the living. We can all help: twitter@joinred. Bono represents the fullness of the phrase: If you want Peace work for Justice.

James Taylor Greatest 1972.5

Our economy remains on borrowed time. We are one failed debt auction from default and or a sovereign debt crisis. We recommend taking the pain upfront when it’s voluntary like reducing the national debt by $10T in ten years or a trillion dollars a year while increasing our defense budget to mitigate all Chinese advances and landing a man and or woman on the planet Mars.

This is America we can do all three while implementing serious reforms and educating people that they can thrive on their own from the cradle to the grave without uncle Sam to post a backstop. Many people don’t care enough about preserving their own health by exercising let alone saving for their retirement. A cold day of reckoning is approaching for people who have traded their God given families for the artificial security proffered by the State.

When President Obama was first elected he chose his priorities poorly while the economy was suffocating for lack of reform and he remains on a fool’s errand to this day.  He staked everything on Health Care and now wants to implement high speed rail and internet service around the country with and for what? They love to spend money upfront and are long gone when their vision is mothballed but the debt reeks to high heaven. I’d say Barack Obama is in a heap of trouble. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could trade our leaders like baseball teams trade their players when the contract requires renegotiation or their production slips. We could trade Barack Obama to the Germans for Angela Merkel. We could throw in Puerto Rico so the Germans could finally access their own beachfront property. Can you imagine Angela Merkel grabbing Harry Reid by his tie pulling him close to her and saying:  “You Vill cut the debt and you Vill open the dump!”

Chancellor Obama could preside over the Bundesrat [63] and the Bundestag. But some German political leaders might block the trade due to his previous pre-presidential visit to Germany as editorialized below:

“Barack Obama was greeted on Thursday night with words of praise from the left and the right. With his speech at Berlin's Siegessäule, or Victory Column, the Illinois senator appears to have impressed most German politicians across the political spectrum. But some political experts thought the speech was an "unsuccessful sermon" or amounted to nothing more than empty rhetoric.” [64] Did we mention that Barack Obama is a lawyer who graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law? [66]

But as we live our lives in the spirit of faith we recognize that this is the work of the Lord to bring us back to him through our families, friends and hard work. Watch as the left staking their very existence on the false idol of Big Government experiences reductions and elimination of their funding for programs, policies and their false wealth created from government subsidies is destroyed. The screams we hear will be deafening but music to our ears. We are already witnessing the ferocity of their attacks as Chris Matthews and his ilk offer more and more bizarre rebuttals demeaning themselves in the process. They need to reform and repent or like a ship listing without an anchor they will be lost at sea and devoured by the evil one.

For us it’s time to return to the land of our forefathers.  So brothers and sisters in Christ I propose we sell each and every property from the smallest to the largest in an orderly and quiet process over the next three years. When your job is finished and your property is transferred you will move on to our new business and one we all know to well: farming but not “tarnip” farming. We have already purchased three cotton pickers for our new farms in Texas and Mississippi. Joey you’re eighteen now and this is your first meeting with the board of directors and with cotton hitting an all time high you’re leaving for Texas tomorrow. Billie Jo as my granddaughter you’re on your way to Mississippi and joining Joey on one of our jets. We have also picked up some great North Dakota farming land that may contain oil reserves. I don’t know if any Hillbillies have ever made it that far north but we need to till the ground and plant wheat as far as the eye can see; that’s why Jedd you take the other jet to Bismarck and lead a convoy of your three new combines and planters on those wide loads transports to your new home in Devil’s Lake. I will join you all when our business here is finished and then we can walk down that country road together. Can I get an Amen?”

The room erupted with songs of praise and Amen’s as they all knew what might be coming and many were in favor of raising their children elsewhere. So on that night while Paris Hilton was cavorting with other sedated heavies and flashing her bare buttocks with her new favorite rented friends flocking to ring in the New Year saluting her on the walkway high above them, a real empire was transferred from one industry to another in the time span of less than ten minutes.

XI. Meet me in court again…

Meanwhile the introduction to Las Vegas justice has only commenced for the drug companies who are facing emboldened opposition from another twenty or so trial attorneys representing individual plaintiff’s who will certainly be motivated to breach the billion, two or even ten billion dollar judgment mark with sympathetic juries; the defendants only offenses were providing high quality FDA approved drugs to a dysfunctional community, but Las Vegas is in decline and like a drowning man clutching for straw this community may take anyone and everyone down with them to avoid inevitable and certain economic death if radical and immediate reforms are not implemented and we’re not talking the legalization of online gambling even if sanctioned and licensed for off shore operators in the United Kingdom whose economy is now officially shrinking by approx -.6%+[84] eclipsed in decline by the Irish economy at -7%.  It’s amazing how some hack in Aruba can spin a vice as a good thing, seeking regulation and wanting to pay taxes as a legal United States operator. The costs and social pain associated with nurturing eighteen year old professional online gambling addicts or anyone for that matter wasting their lives is never cost effective.

 We would support an internet gaming bill if it included a sports book with the same menu of bets offered in the Las Vegas Hilton provided you Senate Majority Leader Reid and all opponents to Yucca Mountain drop your claims, lawsuits, obfuscations, environmental concerns and shepherd the process through remaining licensing; the online sites activated the same day Yucca receives its first shipment of nuclear waste from outside Nevada.

In the meantime; how about a game of poker once a week with real people in a real home? We played in Cape Girardeau, Missouri with a Steve Lewis the engineer, Mark the Jeweler, Tim McKay the radio personality, Rich Harder the Ice Man, John Drury the Hotelier, a doctor, and me.  The game started at 7:00 on Tuesday evenings and lasted until the wee hours of Wednesday. The beer and tequila were cold and the conversation and money were hot. These were some of the best memories of my brief time and assignment in Southeastern Missouri. We learned about life from the experiences of each other; a huge benefit not afforded in online pick up games with fake shadow opponents.    

In Las Vegas the gambling device companies, the very foundation of the tax base, are not immune from the judicial monkey. In a more recent case a jury awarded six million one hundred thousand dollars {$6.1M} of an {$8.2M} judgment against ETT Inc. a Las Vegas slot machine company that had purchased a company named Jackpot and were consolidating their holding into one warehouse when one of their temporary workers used a company truck to drive around town drunk ultimately crashing into and killing another person. The jury found ETT 75% liable and the driver 25% percent liable. [15] Memo to ETT: Your corporate veil will be pierced to allow the attachment of your personal assets especially if your corporation was formed in Nevada. Take a big payday, dump the company and move to Texas where your personal assets are protected by law against garnishment and from almost all civil judgments with the exceptions of child support and federal or state tax liens.

ETT provides a teachable moment for anyone living or working in Nevada that for future reference do not retain any employees especially for moving purposes. Use only independent contractors providing all of their own equipment.

The Supreme Court of Nevada affirmed the previous award of $30M against Goodyear. [14] Goodyear was set to argue in 2007 that the tire failure was due to significant road hazard damage that occurred before the accident, according to the company's statement. 

The Trial Judge Sally L. Loehrer of the Eighth District Court in Clark County, Nev., without holding a full evidentiary hearing, struck Goodyear's answer on the issue of liability and allowed the defendant to contest damages only. Goodyear was supported by a number of amicus briefs from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, The National Association of Manufacturers, The National Federation of Independent Business, The American Tort Reform Association, The American Insurance Association, The American Chemistry Council and The American Legislative Exchange Council all who sought a rehearing. [69]

  Memo to Goodyear liquidate your remaining inventory close your stores and leave Nevada as the worst is yet to come. Road hazard damage even if true, and the roads in Nevada fall into disrepair due to huge budget deficits, remains insufficient as a viable defense. Why?  Because the responsibility of cleaning debris off the highways lies with the county and ultimately the state and since the state is basically immune from civil liability and ensuing litigation the plaintiff’s attorney will seek the deepest pockets to press their claim.

  That would be the auto makers and you! Your case will be quoted until kingdom come in all future actions as precedence and in the next case the judge will find another reason to eviscerate your defense possibly involving class action claims worth billions. If it is any consolation we agree with the lone dissenter and Supreme Court Justice Kris Pickering that you were denied due process and with your counsel that a double standard was applied against you. The jury threw you a bone though by not finding you guilty of punitive damages. In order to prove punitive damages the jury would have to believe among other theories that you intentionally made a defective tire or that you put the debris in the road that caused the tire to disintegrate; slightly over the top even by Nevada standards. The officers of Zenity remain most grateful for leaving town with only two default judgments against them totaling slightly less than:  $1,000,000.00/$1M.

  The lovely and talented Eva Longoria is now experiencing the pain of running a business in Las Vegas by lending money in excess of one million dollars to float a restaurant and bar combination in the vaunted City Center Complex. Barely a year has passed since the doors opened and Eva Longoria was photographed with her friend Kim sipping a drink in her new hot spot. It must have been fun! With the allegations against Ms. Longoria now granulated into three civil cases in three separate jurisdictions compliments of the plaintiffs and former manager/husband wife team. They better hope their cash holds out. We filed up to {8} eight cases at a time and each one expensed about twenty thousand a year for an average case life of three years and we saved blocks of cheddar by writing our own motions and pleadings. So if the couple is intent on staying the course until judgment day then they better bankroll a minimum of sixty large per filing or about $180,000.00 for what? If the strategy is to shock Ms. Eva Longoria into a quick settlement where all is forgiven then as our friends of the family would reply: “forget about it”. The novelty of such vitriolic tactics wears off quite quickly and then you’re left spending your life savings on revenge and lawyers. Remember the Chinese proverb to bring two shovels. [44] We hope the marriage is strong!