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Lawyer Luke

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“The Paper Gangster”

   Once upon a time in Las Vegas Nevada, we interviewed over four hundred models for our art project. Of that total two were deeply offended that they didn’t receive callbacks. 2/400 equals .5% or ½ of 1 percent of total applicants.

   These ladies used aliases to post nasty things about us on the cowardly Rip-Off Report” and “EZ Background” They wouldn’t repent of their ways and continued to escalate their behavior with other postings on Model Mayhem etc. Eventually we sued them for defamation to back them down and negotiate for a voluntary injunction or mutual restraining order but they continued to badger and harass us.

   They retained the law firm of Clay Hendrix to represent them but in a fit of rage one of the defendants Shannon Hart aka Shannon Hudnell of Port Orange, Florida allegedly defamed and emasculated her own attorney in an online forum.

   When presented with this evidence Clay Hendrix promptly withdrew. As we returned to the office of our attorney we asked him what they would do! We inquired as to who would represent them now since the law firm provided counsel pro bono or free.

   Our lawyer said that no one will represent them after what Shannon Hudnell wrote about her attorney. Our attorney was wrong.

    Enter one Lawyer Luke who accepted the defense of Shannon Hart only. He commenced his efforts in September of 2006.

Ms. Hart completed her deposition in December of 2006 where she allegedly admitted that she had previously declared bankruptcy a few years prior.

    In January of 2007 Lawyer Luke counter sued the plaintiff and then proceeded to name several other parties who retained little or no interest in this litigation. He then committed a huge tactical error to extend an offer of judgment against the plaintiff for $15,000.00. In essence he was asking us to pay his client for the privilege that she had allegedly defamed us! Nice!

   The trial commenced in May of 2008 and lasted for two days. Near the end of the trial the Justice chastised Lawyer Luke for talking to the back of the room and away from everyone in the court including the judge. It was sweet to watch him blabbering to himself as the only additional props he needed to hit the streets was a cell phone and a grocery cart.

   A verdict was entered in 2009. The plaintiff’s defamation claims against Shannon Hudnell were dismissed. We accepted the verdict as our counsel was not prepared for trial and was subsequently fired later in 2008.

   The Justice also dismissed all five counterclaims against the plaintiff and all other parties. Naming these non-parties to the litigation was the second major tactical blunder of Lawyer Luke.

    Therefore the parties with little or no interest in this case were entitled to the recovery of their legal fees from the defendant.

    So Lawyer Luke's strategy of bullying backfired badly. Now Lawyer Luke has filed a “last chance” appeal with the Supreme Court of Nevada.

     If the court does not accept the appeal Shannon Hudnell will be on the hook for over $43,000.00 and a law firm hungry to be paid since their termination by the plaintiff.

     If the Supreme Court accepts the appeal Shannon Hudnell can probably expect to expend over $20,000.00 or more to reach finality in the Nevada Court System.

     If she prevails she loses and if she loses she loses big!  Not much of a strategy from her counsel. But maybe Lawyer Luke is sly like a fox. Did he intentionally encourage his own client to not settle this case for peanuts so he could keep rolling in the dough?

     Since bankruptcy is allegedly not an option and her attorney was willing to “roll the dice” knowing the legal predicament of this client Shannon Hudnell, her only recourse may be to sue Lawyer Luke for malpractice. But if he has already taken all of her money then he covered that angle too. I think I saw him the other day laughing all the way to the bank!

     Shannon Hudnell when the air crew advised you upon landing the last time you flew to Las Vegas not to leave all your money here you thought they were referring to the casinos!

     Thanks for the memories especially the retention of Lawyer Luke; we think he was a swell choice for your counsel. We would recommend him for any of our other legal opponents too!


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