This Halloween Theory of the Firm will explore the relationships of those providing labor and those who provide capital coming together to create wealth. So why do some of us think that money grows on trees or can be printed out of thin air when the Federal Government who creates no wealth but simply collects taxes and transfers payments to whatever priority and class of citizen deemed worthy of said transfer payments? The Federal Government must either spend surplus revenue or if in a deficit as now must borrow the funds to pay for their agenda, which if excessive over a period of time can affect the value of the currency and the trust of the productive citizens necessary to pay for their programs and entitlements.  We will explore the myth that corporations pay taxes as in our view all taxation ultimately lands at the doorstep of the end user; You the consumer. What will be left if anything in our national treasure chest our great great grandparents, great grandparents, grandparents and parents worked so hard to accumulate for our future, an IOU?

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Life after Money

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