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John L. Smith

The fraudulent one speaks again!

   Here we go again with the antiquated and flawed logic this time compliments of The Las Vegas Review Journal John L. Smith Columnist. This time the barrage promoting nihilism is leveled at Nevada Republican Senator John Ensign.

  We voted for Senator Ensign and would again today.  Because Senator Ensign promoted family values, referenced his Christianity and participated in other pro family events and voted for a plethora of legislation meant to protect the family you consider him a hypocrite. But you would be wrong! He is not a hypocrite he’s human and by definition he like all of us is imperfect. He would be a hypocrite if he voted against republican principles and why we elected him but he didn’t. The biggest sin is that he voted “right” a blessing to us and anathema to you!

  You’re a class act in extending your sympathy for the Senators Family while applying your twisted personal bias to their daddy and husband.

  Real hypocrites are senators, congressmen and congresswomen who say they are personally opposed to abortion but vote for it anyway, they claim allegiance to the family and small business owners but ram through tax increases to offset their gluttony of wasteful spending, they believe in the saying that all people are created equal but now some will be treated as endangered species protected from any form of engagement as art in a museum. They promote religious expression but only if it censors Biblical references to the abhorrence of homo-sexual acts.

   So here you go again with your “ah shucks” form or character assassination with people who are actively engaged in improving the lives of those around them.

   You did if before with your not so surreptitious defamation in your book regarding Sheldon Adelson.

   Mr. Adelson addressed the issue head on by suing you and ultimately you prevailed, not because you didn’t defame him but because legal defamation of public personalities must be proven with malice. The damage to his reputation was the same the redress against you and your professional kin folk as non-existent in the Courts of this United States. So basically you can pen a few lines, destroy people’s lives, provide live commentary on Channel 3 and still be home for dinner at six. Life is good!

   Mr. Adelson has created many opportunities for people in this valley. He has inspired locals, tourists and visitors alike. He has transferred hundreds of millions of dollars into paychecks for people who without much formal education were able to purchase homes and live real middle class lives, their self esteem, bragging rights and quality of relationships the direct result of his genius.  He is a visionary who now faces like all other owner operators in his industry some of the toughest decisions of their professional adult lives. He like Senator Ensign is human but he planted the seeds of his dream with his first mental draft of what would become an iconic themed resort and trade name.

   But since you have never created anything of value in your profession it must be hard for you to appreciate the rigors of running a small business. You demonstrated your ignorance in your column when your hack sister Darcy Spears initiated her campaign of hate against the Tire Store Company. Ms. Spears who until recently was partially confined to beating up on the school district, itself a safe play for her as they are public officials who also have no appreciative legal recourse against predators such as her.

   The Tire Company filed a defamation suit not against her but other accommodating parties. You stated that the suit would in essence not appreciate to anything for the tire company. You’re right! The loss of their reputation and the business is par for the course in a downshifting economy.

   The tire company must meet its payroll each and every week, pay rent on their overhead,  order inventory and pay for it, pay the insurance, lighting, advertising expenses and absorb the losses from employee theft and customers who as chronic malcontents extort heavily discounted services or to pay nothing at all.

   Then when a tire blows out on the highway they will be subjected to years of litigation as will their supplier and now in the new parameters of fictional reporting they must retain a public relations specialist to turn back the propaganda of hate mongers like Ms. Spears.

   Public records seem to indicate that a tax or other lien was allegedly attached to a home owned or inhabited by Darcy Spears. Nice!

   We overcame a most vicious attack from Darcy Spears who when we asked her over a period of time in several polite letters to retract her false reporting of us she disappeared. She won’t write us back and no phone call has been forthcoming, her false pride and arrogance only exceeded by her cowardice.

   Maybe you should consider taking a sabbatical and opening up a business especially now, and in a few years you can return or not to a radically different journalistic landscape where the viewing and consuming public voting with their pocketbooks cast Darcy Spears as persona non grata; She will be long gone and so will ironically many of the advertisers of KNTV Channel 13 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

   But alas you’re a newspaper man making appearances on a local television station whose management recently trimmed their herd by one more and a really good reporter in the person of Mitch Truswell.  He will be missed.

   Our preference nothing personal of course would be for your employer the Las Vegas Review Journal to increase the size of the daily paper as it has been quite meager lately! We the newspaper consuming public would prefer to read less columns written by you in a larger newspaper. It’s a win-win! The newspaper can quietly eliminate your desk promote you to infinity and use the savings to enhance the quality of their daily offering.

   It’s also the first step back from an anemic but heavy left leaning reporting in Las Vegas helping us to forestall the rise of the National Alliance bringing their version of the truth and rolling over milk toast ideologies such as yours as someone who stood for little else but spinning yarn for your chums.

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