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Does Model Mayhem tolerate defamation and threats of violence

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Where are the moderators?


The following post remains online posted in the forums of Model Mayhem and can be accessed by searching: “Zenity Foundation”


On June 29, 2005 a post entitled GWC conman 2 was initiated on a Model Mayhem forum by Chaotika aka Cynthia Whisnant Mayhem #1648. The discussion was quickly joined by Model Mayhem photographer: Hartso Mayhem #12813 who stated that we might be on drugs! Aaron H. who is no longer affiliated with the site, my personal favorite; Stephen Bodi Mayhem #8494 who stated:  “If he was in NY he would have gotten his ass kicked by now” SayCheezy! Mayhem #1096 a photographer and borne again lawyer claiming to originate from Corpus Christi, Nevada uh er Texas! Mystic7 Mayhem #12381; 4C4142 Mayhem #95 who claims that “contracts written by scam artist are always a fun read” BeccaNDSouth Mayhem #7044 who says: “… I would screw this guy over all you can..”

Model A Britt Mayhem # 1552; Have pentax will travel Mayhem #7174 who claims to be “an editorial fashion photographer working in New York City and Milan, Italy” but states: “Joshua is right, send in the suits. Get one of those ambulance chasers that will work for a share of the flesh they rip out of the creep.” Rick Edwards Mayhem #7495 a lighting director in theatre who seems to embrace a fetish for animal excrement when he states: Dear Dr. Christopher, ”GO F*CK YOURSELF! If I was as low as you, I'd have a hard time getting up on all fours and wiping all the dog sh*t off of my head....
there, I feel better now, and I don't even know this bottom feeder (geeez, I hope I didn't offend any crabs or other bottom feeders) sorry to YELL” {*edited}

Then on cue Art of Ariane Mayhem #9267 replies: “okay everybody here’s what happened….” She proceeds to admit  that she has been stalking us under other aliases: “I am posting his contracts, I obtained copies by emailing him under a diff screen name...lo.  When I emailed him saying I can legally subpoena my original documents via the court, he then altered the contracts he is now giving out. What a piece of shit....” and she proceeds to post two contracts she received utilizing an alias under false pretenses


Then Art of Ariane proceeds to post a contract from a separate business unrelated to any of her perceived interest.

A shining light emerges though when a make up artist confronts art of ariane with:

“That and the fact it shows how incredibly unprofessional you are and no one will want to hire you because you talk too much $*&% online, in a very public place for all to see, and one would simply shudder to think what you would post about one if one were to hire you and you didn't like something....”


Art of Ariane responds:












This chat ends but the questions endure.


Why after over three years has Model Mayhem allowed this forum to remain online?

Art of Ariane Mayhem #9267 aka Traci Glon, aka Ariane Glon aka Ariane Enterprises and Abstract Lucidity Mayhem #557228 aka Shannon Hart aka Shannon Hudnell were sued by us for defamation. Shannon Hudnell is appealing an adverse ruling to the Nevada Supreme Court.


Both Art of Ariane and Abstract Lucidity testified at trial that Chaotika aka Cynthia Whisnant is deceased allegedly from a drug overdose.


Abstract Lucidity made a comment on a separate Model Mayhem forum that “his dead body will be found in the desert”


But Art of Ariane is wrong when she states that this is a public forum. It is not, however it is viewable by the public, you must be a member of Model Mayhem to participate and the person they are speaking is not and was not a member of Model Mayhem hence the forum could be considered “hate speech” directed at a person or persons not able to sufficiently respond within the frame, context or flow of the dialogue.

The fact that this forum has existed with only minor modifications {cancellations of a few memberships} indicates that the moderator system is ineffective or the responsible moderator{s} do not appreciate that their own members Art of Ariane and Abstract Lucidity are willing to compromise a great site for their own distasteful ends subjecting this Model Mayhem and all the great professionals who network on this site to unnecessary litigation while Art of Ariane and Abstract Lucidity troll down the road to another “free” forum to re-direct you the reader to a fuller appreciation as ther Art of Ariane and Abstract Lucidity status as the most important permanent victims in history.

Model Mayhem is negligent in burying their member abuse link deep in the site. We appreciate that no one wants to deal with the mundane but when alleged super predators like Art of Ariane hijack forums for their own ends big trouble looms!


The upside is that Model Mayhem remains one of the most affluent promotional sites for richness, diversity and creativity not including the breathtaking images and extolled beauty on one site ever! Let’s keep it that way.



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Unprofessional? I have been self employed as a Model for almost 6 years now. And this is the first time I have been scammed. If you worked and didnt get paid, would you feel the right to complain or would you just put up with it?  Why do you find the fact that I stand up for myself offensive? I am not talking crap but stating facts. In fact, I have gotten some great help & information from a member of MM here as a result of this. This is a public forum with a variety of topics and this is Industry related.  I wont bother posting anymore.....