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Stealing Medicine

All the way from Memphis!

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UT Medical Group

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   Traditionally Medicine represents at a minimum of 17% of the total economy of the United States. The single largest entitlement programs direct countless billions to Medicare, Medicaid and more recently the Drug Program as implemented under the administration of Republican George Bush.

  The Federal Government also directs the recovery of billions of dollars in misappropriated and fraudulently obtained disbursements through the Department of Health and Human Services and the F.B.I.

   NBC recently reported that physicians collectively owe over 1 Billion dollars in unpaid Federal Income Taxes while continuing to benefit by billing under the aforementioned programs.

   So how did we get to this space and where do we go from here?

      Having worked in the delivery of practitioners to Medically Underserved and usually desperate communities for over twenty five years testimonials of happy and sad endings Resonate in my psychic to this day.

    Upon completing a trip with a female Family Practitioner from Globe-Miami, Arizona and refueling to make Phoenix before nightfall several local townspeople approached us and asked my friend Dr. Susan if she was the new physician in town. Moments earlier she had just agreed to accept the practice. She answered in the affirmative and the persons surrounding our car rejoiced over their good fortune.

    It affirmed my decision years earlier as to why I had engaged in just such a vocation and instantly became one of the happiest moments in my life; and then while visiting friends in St. Louis I was working to refer a Hematologist Oncologists to a practice in Sioux City, Iowa. The doctor rang back and declined the offer. I called my new friend who was monitoring the search for her overworked physician and gave her the bad news. She burst into tears partly from the stress and cumulative exhaustion of two weeks of back and forth now once again she was forced to start from scratch. It was probably to low point in my career and one not worth repeating.

     This story takes us a little farther down the mighty Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee. Although I must admit most of my friends live in Franklin I do love Memphis. I was spoiled on late night drives from Missouri to Memphis where we would hang out for days at the grocery convention or tour the Piggly Wiggly Museum.

      My friend Stacey was the heir to a Grocery Store Chain. Her dad was a magnate through out Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee and the rumor was that she was provided all the profits from one store in Cape Girardeau, Missouri to maintain her lifestyle.

       Fast forward twenty years and once again we are in Memphis but this time we are seeking equity. It seems one of our doctors has gone rogue. He benefited from the services provided to him mainly by my wife and suddenly when the bill came due he suffered the sudden onset of amnesia.

       Enter his beneficiaries and their able counsel. You see after making numerous efforts to settle with the Nephrologists who is now associated or employed by UT Medical Group and Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute all represented by Mr. Kim Koratsky of Wyatt, Tarrant & Combs LLC.. We were forced to seek recovery in the courts.

       This law firm seeks sanctions against us for naming them as defendants in a recently filed complaint. They believe that Nevada retains no legal jurisdiction over their clients. They might be right, but if so then we will simply file in Memphis where they can have their day in court all in plain view of their constituency and media.

      One of our claims for relief involves conversion of our physician and exclusive contract. Conversion means taking something  that doesn’t belong to you or should have known it doesn’t belong to you and applying it to your own use.  Depriving the true owner of his rights.  Once you’re informed that the property or talent in question does not belong to you the proper legal remedy is to make restitution for the use or give it back, not threaten the claimant.

      So how did this doctor rationalize his behavior?  A priest friend once sermonized in St. Louis that American Morality can be summed up in three words. “Don’t get caught” How applicable.

      This doctor claimed in a phone call last December that he wanted to pay the bill {on his terms} as this was a moment of shame in his life {his culture not mine} but he once again failed the true test of a physician regarding what used to called issues of moral turpitude as he eventually failed to make any payment and then proceeded to hide under the dress of a law firm that specializes in criminal defense of the indigent in Las Vegas.

       He benefited from our Physician Information & Electronic Referral Service providing him with instantly updated web site capabilities, direct email access to inquiring institutions, 24 hour on site monitoring, bank vaulted and redundant off site back up, private domain hosting and layered security features all as part of his Licensing Access Agreement plus a personal counselor to ferret out and remove incompatible referrals for employment.

       The system worked and now here he is the recipient of an exclusive referral contract in Memphis, Tennessee working for UT Medical Group and Methodist University Hospital contributing hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in billings while we beg for someone, anyone to please step forward and pay his bill of $8,000.00.

      This amount represents our out of pocket costs to fund his search. We in an attempt to close the file offered to settle with Kim the Attorney for $5,000.00 and then for $2,000.00 but the latest offer was firmly rebuffed with threats of sanctions and doom for us if we proceeded with our claim in a Nevada court.

       When CEO’s hide behind their lawyers to protect deadbeat doctors what’s next?. Since this physician is allegedly part of a transplantation team will he or they bill for services that are not rendered to fatten the bottom line and earn more protection from their bosses while they are waving their middle finger at insurance companies the taxpayer and the federal government?

      What part of stealing services is now Okay in this or any other field? AIG types of scandals didn’t start big they started small and like a forest fire from a single spark eventually engulf everything in its path.

      So dear people of Memphis you have been warned to avoid the fate of Las Vegas currently suffering from an obnoxiously repetitive litany of medical scandals including the recent closure of the Valley Eye Clinic for Allegations that up to thirty patients were legally blinded by ineffective surgical procedures.

       The federal indictment only a few days ago of a Neurosurgeon or Spine Surgeon for allegations related to kickbacks or other collusion involving several local attorneys, the recent SUN reporting of widespread abuse occurring within the J1 community including employers asking their captive doctors to sign paychecks back over to their employer, working in prohibited settings, threats of deportation and working excessive hours for no pay; and the Grandfather of all allegations that a local Las Vegas doctor instructed his staff to reuse invasive medical supplies in his G.I. clinic thereby allegedly contaminating and cross contaminating numerous patients with viral infections including HIV.

     In medicine there in no room for moral depravity no matter how seemingly insignificant the infraction; Last Friday NIGHTLINE aired a story about the Tennessee Lottery.

     We admire the former Miss Indiana Rebecca Paul-Hargrove and her affinity for competing for the discretionary dollar at the convenience store now promoting “responsible gaming” in Tennessee and to her credit shattering sales records in each state she previously set up or ran lotteries in Florida, Georgia or Illinois.

      Is it just a coincidence or divine providence that NIGHTLINE chose to air this show prior to the pending war by and between us and the Law Firm currently paying the salary of our friend Kim, Make no mistake we are vehemently opposed to State sponsored gimmicks that seek to deprive the most vulnerable of their last dollar.

      We are currently witnessing the implosion of our own state under the weight of stacking all the chips on one industry currently vaporizing at the rate of two bankruptcy filings last week. But in this case at the end of the day our opponents would be much better off to buy one of those newly introduced twenty dollar scratch tickets called:  “Tennessee Millionaires Club” and wining the big prize than the likelihood of prevailing in this claim.  Train wrecks like collateral damage occur in slow motion but the damage can be quite devastating!

      Although under the stewardship of Clark County District Court Judge Kenneth Cory or Ken Cory, UT Medical Group and Methodist University Hospital were awarded over $13,000.00 in legal fees even though they weren’t yet named parties to the case. A new precedent has been set in Nevada where you can show and receive legal fees for free!      

       Judge Ken Cory of Clark County Nevada has provided new meaning to the term spread the wealth!

       So UT Medical Group and Methodist University Hospital through their lead local counsel Kim Koratsky and Las Vegas attorney Paul S. Prior spent in excess of $13,000.00 not including Maung Mya’s {the Nephrologists and deadbeat doctor at the center of this controversy} bleeding by his lawyer G. Luke Ciciliano for $2,500.00 totaling an astonishing $15,000.00 for nothing!

       The bill originally assessed to  Maung Mya, MD. the deadbeat doctor in this case was $8,000.00.  So under the stewardship of Kim Koratsky his decision to not honor a bill of $8,000.00 was to pay $15,500.00 or almost a 100% premium instead.

       Now Kim Koratsky has to convince the Executives with these two show boat medical facilities to front him another $20,000.00 to collect the debt.

       And if he doesn’t collect the debt then the only option is to show Kim Koratsky the door as lead counsel he more than anyone should appreciate that in this day and age Economics trumps Legal.

       Owning a piece of paper in a state with the highest personal bankruptcy rate in the country demonstrates how out of touch UT Medical Group and Methodist University remain with their own constituency!

       Time for some fresh thinking in the Executive Suites at UT Medical Group and Methodist University after all they not their attorney guided this train wreck straight back to their front door. Plus the board of directors can terminate these heavy weights and offer the new positions to any of the plethora of qualified health care executives milling around this great country who would gratefully accept the responsibilities for half price!

       The cost for us to perform this corporate analysis was less than $300.00. The outcome is priceless.

Applied economic and social awareness are growth industries!

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March 28, 2009 updated July 2009




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