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Las Vegas The “New” Badlands of Nevada

The following topics explore why Nevada has wobbled out of control like a top and may soon devolve into a sleepy ghost territory teetering dangerously close to status as a Badlands of Nevada.





Incorporation in Nevada





I. Courts

    We didn’t believe the reporting by the Los Angeles Times a wee bit ago that offered a devastating account of the Clark County {Las Vegas} judicial system so we decided to find out for ourselves. The following items are listed for any person or corporation considering seeking legal redress in the Eighth District Court of Clark County or Southern Nevada.

     1)    Avoid Debt Collections or any Civil litigation in Nevada at all costs. If you are collecting debt on behalf of a corporation you need to hire an attorney to represent you. Opposing Counsel and Judges treat collection activity like death penalty cases. The average case languishes for approx 3.6 years. You will never recover even if you win. No way!

Alternative Court Solution

      Sue your deadbeat clients in Utah state that is more user friendly to     collection efforts. Major Banks have lifted the economy of Salt Lake City by locating there to process the immense amount of case filings totaling as  many as ten thousand a day by one bank utilizing their streamlined judicial process.

      2)   Nevada is a perfect location for internet predators from all over the world to feast on local businesses through online extortion, defamation or other forms of protectionism, identity theft etc, A United States Secret Service Agent once confided to us that most Nevada Judges are twenty years behind the learning curve regarding possessing any fundamental working knowledge of internet crime relating to civil torts.


      3)  If your businesses is/are approached by persons who initiate contact regarding your services or people posing as clients who intend to file complaints about you or worse and it smells like a shakedown or extortion attempt it’s better to close your business and relocate to a more protective state than to report them to the authorities or file civil claims that can easily blow back on your corporation and in the meantime be subjected to endless online defamation by anonymous sources {which is illegal in Nevada but not enforced}

 2nd Alternative Court Solution

    Kicking Contracts, Money and Businesses out the door and out of Nevada to benefit other states is self correcting. Eventually the County Commissioners and or the Judiciary will Intervene and furlough a number of Judges firing their staffs and sending the Judges home with pay until they serve out the balance of their terms due to the sharp drop in legal filings.


3rd Alternative Court Solution

    Also a by product of the iron rule of unintended consequences in a sharp economic decline as many people will chose to represent themselves and avoid costly and error prone lawyers. Attorneys will promote themselves with legal tombstone advertising on message boards stating: “Will work for room and board” while stationed on the steps of the courthouse.


II. Nevada Economy

    Nevada represents the excess of the nation compressed onto several miles of gold dwarfing even the most imaginative perception of what lay beyond the glimpse of OZ once inside the fortress walls protected from the elements, sorcery, and bad economies and populated by well dressed happy singing people that is until one afternoon the whistle blew and the workers were dispatched pay checks in hand from the site of the Echelon now shuttered. Its massive hulk of unfinished proportions dominating the landscape a testimonial to the day that Las Vegas stood still, this  replacement for the ever famous Stardust now sharing more in common with the Moulin Rouge than any world class property the Moulin Rouge though actually opening and remaining solvent for a brief period of time.

   The race was on to draw down lines of credit shop for new financing throw previous investors out the window as with Deutsche Bank on the Cosmopolitan or simply experience the night sweat alternatives of conserving all remaining cash flow and abandoning the project or cannibalizing existing and tepid revenue streams to proceed and bring the new tower{s} online.

    Meanwhile the stock prices of these gaming giants all and everyone signaled a stampede to inverse holding from long to short or dump the stock like a bad habit and habit it was. A habit borne of soliciting under the guise of fun and entertainment a constant migration of national and international travelers, tourists and predators alike to live the high life {at least for a weekend} and take a chance or many to retire early. But what the machine gives the machine takes away with ease of repetition and probability luring its depositor motivated by greed to take one more chance.

     The casinos giants never needed to rig the games as the laws of probability always provided easy cover. The empire grew strong, then stronger then an explosion of growth transpired unlike any seen in the history of the world with one project alone City Center consisting of the equivalency of the entirety of a new city built within a city all due for occupancy and commerce within a few years.

     But the industry badly missed the economic realities signaling declines nationwide and now several completed projects are not accessible to patrons roped off as excess supply, common stock holders are suffering cram down fatigue with former hundred dollar stocks trading at call option prices. Several companies went private buying out their shareholders at high prices and now face imminent bankruptcy, reorganization and or liquidation. 

    Northern Nevada has fared much better not participating in the immense build out turned bust and the economic realities although severe will abate.

    Southern Nevada is experiencing a housing, gaming and commercial real estate bust simultaneously. This economy may continue to shrink much faster than the national economy with unemployment levels exploding to the upside for years to come. Only a substantial out migration of the main Nevada product line unskilled labor to other more responsible states will create any equilibrium in the labor market.

    Entire neighborhoods including gated communities may be subjected to township squatters who lay claim to vacancies force the Police to arrive in mass to execute simple arrest warrants simply scurrying over the walls to their next residency when a civil take down in considered imminent eventually forming their own de-facto municipalities and then low to the drunk stranger who makes a wrong turn late one evening or party girls lured with the promise of booze, drugs, or money never to be heard from again. 

    The current economic meltdown underway in Southern Nevada plays like a movie where all the friends are sitting around the campfire playing guitars, singing and flirting when suddenly from the edge of the darkness the slasher appears and badly wounds four of five these young people then immediately disappears into the fog. Help arrives and the search is on but the invisible one is long gone only to return later to rip into another sector of the economy.

    Meanwhile the Nevada State Senate and House have passed a bill to increase among other things the hotel room tax in Nevada by 3% so all of the phantom tourists who are not attending conventions here will ease the state budget crisis.

   The net effect of any tax increases will be to prolong the destruction currently in play at the far left side of the bell shaped curve. Revenue shortfalls will continue to accelerate as this states one viable industry other than mining fails. 


Alternative Economic Solutions:

   There exists no easy remedy for the local Nevada collapse of the housing, gaming and soon to be realized commercial real estate economies. However Nevada can stimulate demand in the gaming sector by returning to a family friendly campaign and abandoning the chic but amoral mentality of  “What happens here stays here” etc. 

    Southern Nevada was never more attractive and fun than when the entire strip looked like one huge amusement park with MGM’s theme park complete with crane for bunging jumping, A Water Park located a few miles down the street and the Treasure Island’s Pirate Battles with the British Man O’ War.

   Nearly naked women gyrating on a ship or on stripper poles in the hotel room is out! Dad purchasing show tickets for the whole family, tucking them in safe and sound and then returning downstairs to cut loose at the Craps Table is in. People will still take regional vacations and since Disneyland doesn’t offer gambling yet the bet is on Nevada.


2nd Alternative Economic Solutions

Radioactive Waste Disposal is good for Nevada

    Southern Nevadans have benefited for generations of casinos winning billions of dollars from our fellow Americans before bidding them adieu and sending them back to Ohio. It’s time to give back. The Miss Nevada contestant when asked about Yucca Mountain stated:

   “We need to take one for the team”. The Fat lady came out and immediately pounced on her for saying who is she talking about, who is supposed to take one for the team? Miss Nevada in addition to being quite beautiful was right. So back off Fat Lady.

    Nuclear Waste is not manageable for storage in all fifty states. This is an inconvenient fact but true. The Federal Government has almost completed a suitable structure for the long term storage of said waste. Therefore the waste should come here. The Federal Government is offering billions in incentives, not to mention Jobs, Jobs, and did I mention the Jobs that will be created in security, transportation, building additional infrastructure and giving tours {like in France} of their nuclear waste processing plant.

    Finally Nuclear Power is produced virtually emission free, much better than natural gas which is the second runner up for abundant and non episodic driven clean energy.

    The scare tactics advanced by some of our elected officials is shameless. How many people do we know have died from radiation poisoning in the United States in the last two decades. One Russian Scientist died from an accidental and very intensive exposure.  It is a very ugly death but so are car accidents.

III. Environment

    The Goshute Indian Tribe intended to file a Federal Lawsuit against the Las Vegas Water Authority for initiating a reckless assault on the environment.  “Environmentalists and many scientists believe that taking huge amounts of water from under this parched land will drop the water table precipitously, and kill everything."What does that mean? The vegetation dies -- and not just in Snake Valley. If you look at the impact, we're looking at tens of thousands of square miles that are going to be affected. Once the vegetation of Nevada is gone, the animals are affected as well," said Launce Rake with the Progressive Leadership Alliance.” [1]

    Background and Color: The continuing drought and previous unmitigated growth of Clark County Nevada has shortened the time frame for predictions of an apocalyptic event regarding rationing of water or worse in Southern Nevada. The Southern Nevada Water Authority is seeking to tap the vast reservoir of underground wells and pockets of water extending almost the entirety from south to north in the State.

  The cartoon depictions of flowers, plants and animals feeding on them could all suddenly disappear with the water creating a Martian like topography for vast amounts of rural Nevada catering to a much smaller constituency the alleged inhabitants of area 51. 

   The Indians and the lonely voice of a true visionary Launce Rake have sounded the alarm. The Indians are the original and most sacred protectors of the land. We must heed their call and learn to control our impulses and grow responsibly or stop growth altogether.

Alternative Solutions:

      Invest in Desalination plants on the coast of California and pump water by pipe across the desert. Although some damage to the environment is inevitable the costs represents an acceptable alternative to sucking all the groundwater out from underneath the state If a high speed or levitating rail system is feasible to approximate the same distance for transport purposes then a pipeline should be no problem. We could build both at the same time one on top of the other to further minimize the damage to the environment and employee thousand of persons for the duration of these worthwhile endeavors.

2nd Alternative Solution

      Implement Instant Moratorium on all Growth in Southern Nevada.

   [1] Las Vegas Now Eyewitness News I-Team Goshute Tribe Opposes Water Pumping George Knapp Chief Investigator Updated August 8, 2008 Online

IV. Housing

    Did we learn nothing from the tech wreck? Housing was never meant to be traded like pork bellies but it was. People in Nevada went wild and routinely motivated by greed and out of body experiences were the first humans recorded in time to appear at two closings in different offices at the same time. People sucked all the equity from their primary residence but not to worry it appeared again the next month like a money tree in full bloom.

    Appraisers, Originators and the like all gamed the system replete with the now oft used terminology of liar loans, no docs etc. Banks bundled up these now known as toxic assets and sold them to a little town in Norway and everywhere else.

    Then the freight liner slipped a gear, stalled and started to roll backwards and now the race is on but in reverse. We informed our beloved real estate agent last year at this time not to buy but she did anyway and so did many others now caught in a value trap.

    Whole neighborhoods where dogs barked, cats prowled and children played are empty now. One story relates how Waste Management dispatched seven garbage trucks to one North Las Vegas community where they proceeded to pick up the belongings of a number of homes that had been professionally cleaned and their personal effects piled at the curb. We have systematically exterminated our pets, yanked our kids out of school and caused the largest human displacement on American Soil in the history of this 

    Republic to satisfy our lust for money but when it came our way we couldn’t cash out because we wanted more, more and more. Greed is the new crack! We just want more. It’s so intoxicating isn’t it? We just couldn’t let go….. but the crash is here to stay. The refugees are streaming into bankruptcy court while the “Too Big To Fail Bank” creed will shortly be dispatched like the Titanic.

     Almighty and omnipotent G-d as our heavenly Father remains loving of his children even though we compare ourselves in our human brevity to his perfection.

Alternative Solution for Housing

We must soak up the 30,000 some odds units of housing in Clark County but how?

Ask the Banks or Title Holder to sell any vacant or foreclosed property for $10.00 per square foot.

     A   5,000.00 square foot home would fetch $50,000.00 The balance must be paid in cash. The bank would take an 80% share of all equity for the first ten years. The buyer would be prohibited from taking any equity from the home for ten years. If the real value of the home is $300,000.00 the bank actually holds an asset worth $240,000.00 plus they made $50,000.00 on the front end. 

     Occupant owners would qualify only for renters insurance. The Bank could insure the property for total loss. A dead asset has now generated revenue for the bank who can hold or sell the asset. The new owner is delighted with their home and the excess supply of homes will evaporate. The new owner must also live in residence with one exception.

     Persons who have paid off a previous mortgage with suitable credit or remain current with their existing mortgage would be allowed to purchase up to {3} properties included in this voluntary program. The rental income generated from these investment homes could add up fast! Property taxes would be reset to a flat rate of $10,000.00 per home per year for all homes purchased through this program to generate much needed income for State and County Budgets. 

     The day the program is announced is the deadline for all properties to quality thereby prohibiting persons from defaulting on their loans to buy their own home back. Squatters and other Renters who through no fault of their own would enjoy the right of first refusal to purchase the home in which they now reside thereby helping to slow the mass displacement of Americans within our communities. Banks will still be on the hook for the difference and loss but this approach should quickly allow the housing market to bottom thereby stabilizing the market and with time a recovery of most of their previous loan balances.

2nd Alternative Solution for Housing

Impose an Immediate Moratorium on all New Housing Starts.

V. Incorporation in Nevada

    Nevada advertises itself as one of only two states that do not report your business income to the IRS and is considered the safest domain for preventing “Alter Ego” claims or the transfer of corporate liability to personal liability.  

    These statements are true; however the hidden costs of business can be quite extreme.[2] NRS or Nevada Revised Statutes are replete with antiquated laws that if applied against your business can derail any civil claims you undertake in District Court. As an example NRS 611 regarding employment agencies was first signed into law in 1919 or twelve years prior to the invention of the modern telephone. It was subsequently updated in 1923, 1975 and finally in 1985 or prior to the commercialization of the internet.

    This law is routinely enforced in Nevada District Court against Internet based executive and physician referral services. More troubling is Section NRS 611.220 relegating how much an agency can charge. All vocations are treated as equal the sole exception baby sitting. This section appears as economically and racially motivated to deter certain applicants and agencies representing them from applying to do business in Nevada.

   We were approved for an exemption from this statute by Michael Tanchek the Nevada State Labor Commissioner after he testified against us in a State Senate hearing.  His exemption is only applicable if we work in States other than Nevada though How telling!

Nevada District Judges affirming this statute:

District Judge Lee Gates

District Jude Douglas W. Herndon {vacated}

District Judge Mark Denton 

Attorneys or Firms supporting this statute:

Ciciliano and Associates

Gordon and Silver

Shane Jasmine Young

     [2] One of our corporations Zenity Foundation, Inc a Nevada Corporation sued a doctor for an unpaid bill of $20,000.00 and in the end we expended $18,000.00 won an arbitration award of $100.00 after the judge invalidated our contract but then the company was assessed a fine {or default judgment} of almost $500,000.00 since we failed to retain new counsel.

    The case is just starting in earnest after {3} years so we could eventually break even with an offsetting award and five years of our time or at the current rate lose several million dollars $2,000.000.00 for our effort to collect a bad debt of $20,000.00 that represents a recovery  rate of  -10,000%.

    If you file any case in these courts after reading this you either want to or deserve to suffer badly or you’re connected.

   We must say that other than our run of bad luck in the courtroom we must commend the men and women who administer and clerk these courts. A special debt of gratitude is extended to the men and women of the Marshal Service who keep these facilities safe and civil. 

VI. Media

    The I-Team of Channel 8 represents the most credible source of news we have witnessed in any major market with George Knapp providing us with well researched segments. Colleen McCarthy has presented several great packages including the truckers driving through residential neighborhoods and the more recent well researched piece regarding the Nevada Eye Clinic.

     Fox News is reliable and trustworthy. Darcy Spears owns more plastic reporting trophies than a little league all star but has whiffed on major turning events in the local economy. She missed the housing melt up, turn and burn strategies and melt down. She likes isolation segments so she could have chatted up some appraisers in her fake home to see if they actually provided the due diligence to report the real value of the property etc.

    Unfortunately for us and her she appears to be on in-house arrest reading off a teleprompter and only let lose on the public to determine why the homeowners association sprayed the curb red and then towed the cars or why college kids continue to park in handicap spaces and then speed off as spoiled brats assaulting her sensibilities with the basic verbal rendition of the finger.

    The makeover at Channel 3 is working. We adore Maria Silva. But much of the media who have almost as much access as we do to trending analysis, expert feedback and reality checks appear in the current economic smack down as deer in the headlights. Is that really the emotion of fear they are emitting through our screen? Remember expect the worst that way you will never be disappointed.

                                                            Media Solution

Never ever, ever talk to the Media unless you are required to as a public person or elected official.

                                                         VII. Medicine

     Nevada ranks at or around 50th in the nation for physician retention. Recent scandals and criminal allegations have surfaced including a prominent local doctor deemed responsible for an outbreak of infections at his clinic.

      A Spine Surgeon recently indicted by the Federal Government in a kick back or similar scheme also involving local attorneys, and J1 or immigrant physicians have routinely suffered abuse by their employers, including threats of deportation, asking them to sign their paychecks back to the employer,  working in non sanctioned offices or clinics etc. The State initially ignored the allegations, awarded new doctors to one of the alleged abusers and has been slow to respond. The abuse continues but at a slightly degraded rate. In Nevada it’s business as usual.

Alternative Medicine Solution

                    Replace the Medical Licensing Board or Board of Medical Examiners    

                with private citizens and one physician who serve in the capacity of advisor.

2nd Medical Solution

          Repeal NRS 611 to promote competition with other states to attract the  

      best physicians. Right Now the only competition is from other states 

  competing with each other to steal our doctors.

3rd Alternative Solution

 License Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners to deliver primary care.

 VIII. Topography

  In the movie Tootsie {Yes I am ancient} Dustin Hoffman is talking on the phone with his agent and proceeds to tell him that while costumed as a tomato he wanted to be the best acting tomato he could be in the commercial etc. Apparently this caused some consternation on the set. The agent replied by saying you were a f*cking tomato!

   We live in a desert. It’s not just a desert. It’s a huge massive desert that spans at lease four states and Mexico. Other than a relief pocket in St. George, Utah we are over 250 miles from the next closet city the size of Las Vegas. If the water is turned off that’s it lights out! The thin arteries linking us to Arizona, California, Utah or even North to Idaho will be closed with the first multi-care accidents and mayhem will ensue with increasingly desperate people engaging in increasingly desperate behaviors.

    Let’s learn from the motto of the Boy Scouts to: “Be Prepared” and from the righteous religious care and planning as practiced by our Mormon Brothers and Sisters to store plenty of water, dry foods and weapons for just such an event. Where I come from there are no victims only volunteers. Stay put at home if possible until the initial peril subsides if it does then congregate in a friendly home near the outskirts of town. Always run with a full tank of gas.

    Let’s take a reality check. We live by choice in a huge beautiful desert. We are not that important. We will all die someday but let’s not hasten the process. When and if a cataclysmic event transpires here other Americans may or may be able to lend their support. Mother Nature will reclaim our artificial trappings soon enough so in the meantime lets live one day at a time appreciate the time we have left and practice Think, Think, Think and only if absolutely necessary exit calmly and smartly.

Excerpts from:

The Book:

Destination Ghost Town Las Vegas









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