Darcy Spears Letter One

Is this little Darcy?



November  25, 2008


Ms. Darcy Spears

Former Investigative Reporter




3355 S. Valley View Blvd.

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102


Re: Your broadcasts of November 29, 30th 2005 and subsequent web site posting


Dear Darcy:


This letter is in regards to the aforementioned subject matter relating to me,   Dr. Christopher my wife our reputations and our lives.

Both my wife and I have yet to resolve why you dedicated such time, treasure and your reputation to excoriation of and transmission of hate directed at us.

The ad nauseam repetitive broadcasting of your promotional package on November 29, 2005 certainly enhanced or juiced your audience for the airing of your report on November 30, 2005. It also resulted in the complete ruination of both of our reputations locally with our church, gym, and almost all other social networks and professionally in our livelihoods of physician referrals painstakingly developed over the last twenty five years. I am thankful though that at the time of the airing both of my parents were deceased and were not forced to witness the humiliation borne by their son and daughter in law.


Almost three years has passed since the posting of your web link regarding this story despite a District Court order issued to defendant Traci Glon aka Ariane Glon [1][2]to ask you to remove said postings in their entirety over {18} months ago.

Therefore the following items are listed for your review regarding the posting of “Doctor” dabbling in more than psychiatry, religion as listed under scams and schemes of your New3 investigators section of your home page www.kvbc.com


A. The word psychiatry refers to a physician trained in an allopathic residency program licensed by a state medical board to practice medicine in his or her area of expertise including child psychiatry, general adult psychiatry, addiction medicine and so forth. Psychiatrists also retain the privilege to prescribe medications to their patients.

Reply: I am not a psychiatrist and do not practice psychiatry.


B. “a local self proclaimed minister doesn’t list on his biography”

Reply: This statement is at least negligent, interfaces community service with profession and promotes hate.


C.” She has the exclusive investigation into one man you may not want to expose yourself to.”

Reply: The sentence structure is poorly formed ending in a preposition and promotes hate.


D. “Christopher who calls himself  Doctor Christopher, also poses as a professional photographer.”

Reply: The use of my full name has subjected my wife and me to numerous threats from stalkers and stalkers by proxy. The second half of this statement is patently false as I have never accepted payment for any photography sessions, have photographed as a hobby since childhood and have not represented myself as a “professional photographer” posing or otherwise.


E. “In a hidden camera interview, he claims to be a psychoanalyst. What's really interesting is the P.h.D. he boasts of on hidden camera came from La Salle University, a bogus internet degree mill shut down by the FBI.”

Reply: The hidden camera interview was conducted on our property without our consent and you were never granted permission to use the image of my likeness for your commercial gain.

Furthermore the reporting of and your publication of said reporting contradicts another on site source:

The New Orleans Times Picayune Front Page Article dated July12, 1996 and authored by Sara Shipley, Entitled School in Action despite F.B.I. Raid  states: “a spokesman for the FBI said the federal government did not shut down the school. “There was no order shutting the institution down. There were simply search warrants,” John Letter said.

Therefore you are stating that the spokesman representing the Federal Government misrepresented their own investigation and by extension all Federal Agencies involved in this action regarding said university.


F. “According to his internet biography, he's also a Eucharist Minister who ran a grief recovery group at St. Joseph Husband of Mary Church on West Sahara. He did volunteer there, but as far as we can tell, he has no legitimate religious credentials.”

Reply: Our grief recovery site was not posted online. Therefore we are concerned that you and or other persons employed by you and or your station or persons previously known to you may have “hacked” our protected computer without permission in violation of Nevada and Federal Law.

We regret to inform you that sensitive documents not meant for public disclosure may have been copied and removed from said protected computer.


G."I need recovery and I need to go to church, and that's when I realized that I was dealing with someone that's not all there," explains Shannon Hart who first wondered what was going on with Dr. Christopher when an application she filled out to work with him asked if she believed in God. Strange, she thought, because of what she was signing up to do. The doctor's voicemail greeting tells an interesting story.


Reply: Your source Shannon Hart aka Shannon Hudnell was named as a defendant in a civil case regarding defamation per se. This complaint was filed on October 14, 2005 or six weeks prior to the airing of your broadcast and the posting of this story. Furthermore Ms. Hart was provided an attorney pro bono publico but in a vulgar tirade posted online she defamed both he and his wife. He subsequently withdrew from her defense. [3]

You allowed a woman {Ms. Hart} who previously stalked us broadcast time validating her behavior and causation for her escalation of anti-social proclivities for over three years.


We have endured whatever machination of harassment suits her daily regime including thousands of dead or prank calls 24/7 and stalking us by proxy. 


Ms. Hart “hacked” our protected computer after a District Court Evidentiary hearing in the aforementioned case last year and removed certificates of art authenticity from a site you indicated didn’t’ exist.  Ms. Hart really “got off” on the thirteen seconds you provided her in broadcast time requiring us to forward a complaint alleging numerous criminal acts {felonies} to local and federal law enforcement agencies. Recently we blocked access of her {Ms. Hart’s} IP to our Web domain: “Las Vegas Art Gallery” Her alleged reply was to program one ring calls to our home every twenty minutes for the duration of the evening.


H. "Welcome to the Internet Masterpiece Art Place. You could earn up to $1500 cash in two easy photo shoots and an oil painting to immortalize you and your look as one of our selected ladies. We are creating a series of glamour portraits to captivate the international public's intense interest in the mystique of the ever elusive Las Vegas lady. You can be part of history and receive the personal and professional exposure you've always dreamed of..."

Reply: This voice mail was broadcast in my voice and re-printed without permission for commercial gain.


I. "I thought I was posing for photos for reference for an oil painting. That is a great achievement. And that's not what it turned out to be at all," explains model Ariane Glon who was surprised at what the job actually entailed.


Reply: You failed to disclose that your source Ariane Glon is an actor, model and has previously portrayed a “special victim” in other investigative reporting attributed to you.


J. “What the women didn't realize is, it would be pretty hard to get anything in the door of the Las Vegas Art Gallery. It's just a mailbox at Post Net on West Tropicana.”

Reply: You claimed access to our grief recovery site but not the Las Vegas Art Gallery online claiming even as a hobby to be legitimate it needs a brick and mortar foundation. This represents more thinly veiled hate directed at my wife and myself.


K. “When the models showed up for their photo shoots, they got a lot less than they expected. One was done in a hotel room, one in a dirty little apartment, and the third in Dr. Christopher's home. His camera? A standard digital. As for the money, none of them ever saw a dime, and they have no idea what he did with their pictures.”


Reply: The photo that appears on your site was supplied to you by Shannon Hart. She and Ms. Glon did receive their photos on CD in lieu of any cash payment. Your source Ms. Glon attempted to extort $1,500.00 from us commencing in a series of emails three years after her session requesting to be paid in cash at a local check city prior to the airing of your broadcast Furthermore the photo you displayed as part of your online posting is the exclusive property of the Las Vegas Art Gallery regardless of what may have been indicated to you by Ms. Hart. {A judge invalidated her agreement with us as the document was never signed by Ms. Hart}.  You were not provided any release to utilize said photo yet you did so for commercial gain.


L. “And when we caught up with him and his wife Tammy downtown, all we got was his hand in our camera. But he did respond to one e-mail. In it, he declines an on camera interview because of pending litigation. But we couldn't find any legal action involving him anywhere in Clark County.”


Reply: On the day involved your source Tracy Glon served as a spotter at the Regional Justice Center which is the location you refer to as “downtown”. Furthermore

a woman who looked strikingly like Marie Montera shadowed us throughout the entirety of a court appearance, in the elevator and until we exited the RJC. You were at least negligent in not reporting that we were parties in two previously filed cases, the one where we were followed by Ms. Montera and the defamation case naming two of your on air sources for this story.


M. “Dr. Christopher and his wife do have a current business license for the Zenity Foundation. Under that license, they operate a physician placement service called the United States Medical Foundation.”


Reply:  This statement as printed and previously reported by Nina Radetich was extremely damaging as it linked our businesses to a private hobby and it was false

 as Zenity Foundation and United States Medical Foundation, Inc are independently licensed Nevada based corporations both currently insolvent due exclusively to negligence in fact checking, publication and broadcasting of your report replete with defamation.


Furthermore: An anonymous letter was mailed to our former church St. Joseph Husband of Mary [4]. Both Tracy Glon and Shannon Hart have denied in testimony to authoring said letter. We believe that you may have posted the letter as you

Initiated contact with Father Tom within a few days after he received this anonymous vulgar hate mail. [5]


Finally: You appeared at our front door dressed as a pubescent Catholic School girl in uniform. This segment represents the central theme of your broadcast conveying a message of hate directed at us for our religious beliefs and artistic expression. Since this broadcast we have endured an endless cycle of stalkers appearing at our new church, gym, grocery stores, home depot, banks and even our new home. We were forced to add gates to all doors of our previous home and eventually sell in a distressed market due to the prevalence of persons trespassing on property and the perceived lack of safety conveyed to me by my wife.


Since you have been unable or unwilling for the last few years to admit your negligence we hope to be of assistance in this matter.


We look forward to your prompt reply addressing any and/or all of the aforementioned negligence attributed to you.

Thank you!


Dr. Christopher

9435 W. Tropicana #102-104

Las Vegas, Nevada 89147



                                Certified mail # 7008 0150 0001 7983 4531

[1] Copy of Civil Complaint filed October 14, 2005

[2] Copy of District Judge Susan Johnson Order from the evidentiary hearing

[3] Copy of Rants, Raves and Crap

[4] Copy of Anonymous Letter mailed to Father Tom

[5] NRS  207.180 2 as any person who: {b} Writes and sends any anonymous letter or letters bearing a fictitious name, containing vulgar or threatening language, obscene pictures, or containing reflections upon his standing in society or in the community is guilty of a misdemeanor






Corporate Offices


Mr. Steven Martinez


Las Vegas, Nevada

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