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A model tragedy

Staring: Traci Glon as herself

Art of Ariane

Model Mayhem #9267

Aka Traci Glon, aka, Ariane Glon aka Ariane Enterprises

Court Filed Address is listed as:

Dear Traci:

Hello and how are you? We were doing a routine search and found your model mayhem rant remains attached to our mail drop box. It’s like we met you for a one hour photography session and you’ve never left our lives. Tracy it’s time to call it a day. We just concluded a three year trial and during your testimony you stated that Chaotika Model Mayhem member #1648 is deceased. Your co-defendant Shannon Hudnell testified to the same.


Since Cynthia Whisnant aka Chaotika allegedly died from a drug overdose shouldn’t you show her some respect by yanking down this hideous forum which is now a blight on the reputation of every contributing member of Model Mayhem like Kevin Connery member member #72; Charlie Gillespie model mayhem member #22162; Christopher M. Photographer and Model Mayhem member #10823; Weldphoto Model Mayhem member #13748; Jordan Model Mayhem #4135; SayCheez model mayhem #1096; Isobel Wren Mayhem #23168; photos by Gary Mayhem #11988 and my personal favorite W. P. “Hoot Gibson” who is conveniently unavailable for rebuttal dialogue as are some of the other contributors whose memberships have suddenly disappeared from the model mayhem site.


Ariane Glon! You wouldn’t make up fake model mayhem bio friends and go to all the trouble to register them on this forum so you could promote dialogue with yourself would you?


We noticed that on your site you charge $75.00 per hour for photo sessions? When is the last time you actually were paid for a photo session? We remember you arrived for your one hour session with us in January of 2002 and accepted by Certified Mail a CD of your photos Signed Receipt. you proceeded to join us for several parties hosted and then disappeared into thin air for almost three years. Then in an immaculate reception you dropped straight from heaven back into our lives and in a series of emails in 2005 you made demands that we pay you for your previous one hour appearance. First you requested{ $750.00} seven hundred and fifty dollars which is ten times your normal asking price, then you escalated with a demand that we pay you {$1,500.00} fifteen hundred dollars and meet you at a local Las Vegas check city to make the payment.

                    email demand one           Letter demand two.


 Can you say extortion demand! Of course we did not meet your offer and you have continued to ply your sense of personal entitlement into our lives ever since.

Have you told your friends about the demands you placed upon us? Did you tell them that you love being on television? We noticed that your biggest credit prior to meeting us was as a “Girl in the bar” on the travel channel in 2004 but your credits appear to have stopped in early 2005. What happened?


We did see you on KVBC-13 in Las Vegas during the evening news when they took the woman away from your community at the Opulence because she was allegedly throwing flower pots from her balcony onto passing neighbors. It looked as though they fit that lime green Crime Dog Safety vest on you just in time for you to make the live camera shot. Did you promptly resign your neighborhood crime watch captainship when they tossed the vest into the back of the news van and drove off?


Remember when you claimed that there was no Las Vegas Art Gallery because we were internet based and you and Darcy Spears said that didn’t count because we needed a brick and mortar store front to look legitimate? Well how is that song playing now? Do you rent space for Ariane Enterprises in Las Vegas?


You appear as a classic liberal who wants to define how other people should live. You like to out other people and post nasty things about them all over the internet but work feverishly to remain anonymous in your own life and online persona.


It is important to you in this model mayhem posting   Traci Glon  to painstakingly post each and every email exchange from us to you but you lied to the process server and told him you were some one else in an attempt to not accept your summons, then you routinely lied to several Judges during the course of the court proceedings not accepting any responsibility for your own anonymous postings but deferring to “third parties”.


Are you trained as one of these people whose job it is to attempt to destroy people, their reputations and their businesses by posting all sorts of porn links to their phone numbers, faxes, home addresses?; and then of course there are those pesky anonymous rip off reports; or do you do it as a form of retaliation for some perceived slight?; or just for fun?


Traci Glon are you at war with the American people? Are you enraged that other people have prospered in their relationships and lives? Are you part of a hit goon squad that was designed to purposefully stifle dissent in this country? Do you suffer from a sense of entitlement?


 Did you know that Deutsche Bank has projected that over 91% of homes in Las Vegas will retain negative equity by 2011. Have you witnessed the retail rental vacancy tsunami of Las Vegas, Nevada. If we had taken your advice to meet your expectations for what a legitimate art gallery is supposed to look like we would be leasing space in a dead mall or worse downtown.


I’ll bet your pal Darcy Spears wishes she hadn’t purchased her last home at the peak of the market. We’re not for sure but it looks from a search of the Clark Count records as if Darcy Spears home had a tax or some other lien briefly attached to her property earlier this year. Do you think with the continuing vaporization of television advertising budgets that Darcy Spears who is now officially a lightning rod of controversy for her repetitive attacks on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Clark County School District that Darcy Spears will remain employed at ABC affiliate KVBC Channel 13?


Speaking of Darcy Spears; Ariane Glon do you remember before Darcy Spears was allegedly fired at NBC affiliate KVBC-TV3 in Las Vegas you would sometimes appear as her source and “victim” of one of her stories like the Rip Off Report and her article referencing you posted online about the moving company way back in Florida in 2000.      Moving Scam.    and                         Rip off Report moving company  which was fairly similar to the rip off report you posted about us in 2005.

Anyway do you remember when Darcy Spears presented her investigative report regarding the private sex parties in Las Vegas? We have often wondered if you Traci Glon walked into their home naked and surreptitiously video taped the other people in attendance. You remember the footage she showed on television don’t you? We were just wondering if you were her source for that story too!


One of these days when you wake up at the Opulence it may actually be necessary to look beyond your own cluttered self absorbed existence and realize that everyone else left town. What if you were like the last person in the world to realize that there was no one else living in Las Vegas. Just you alone with your ghetto van, it could happen!


Oh and Traci Glon or Ariane Glon or whatever you prefer to call yourself isn’t it deceptive or misleading to other models, photographers and artists on model mayhem and other legitimate promotional sites that your portfolio isn’t updated with current photos instead of the clunkers from years prior that remain as part of your online portfolio.


Listen anytime you want to post against us and our mailbox address, which is rather morbid and pathetic especially since you continue to feature a deceased model providing testimonials on your behalf, we will be vigilant in correcting your drifting view of reality.


Finally it has been seven years since you did not qualify for the modeling for art promotion, almost four years since we sued you for defamation, one year since the trial and a few months since your last incursion into our life.


We have never called you! ever. We have only made the required contacts through our attorneys and mailings post trial. Yet you continue with your latest attempt to talk to us earlier this year and when we hung up the phone on you for “escalating into a rage” you called back twice more and left this wonderful voice mail                               

                                               Traci Glon Rants.


 Blessings …….. it must be painful to be rolling thru the middle of life without a plan while living your own scam!


August 8, 2009

All rights reserved


Christopher Campbell

Las Vegas Art Gallery

9435 W. Tropicana #102-104

Las Vegas, Nevada 89147









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