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N. It’s my money I think I’ll keep it!

   On one side of the mental dividing line we have free thinkers like Steve Wynn who rightly believe that they should maintain some control over what transpires in their organizations. Enter one Michael Tanchek the Labor Commissioner of Nevada who had promised a decision in a dispute over tip sharing just after the first of the year. We are now informed by his spokesperson “Elizabeth” that he will require more time to review the fifty hours of testimony and may not render his verdict until sometime in April. Mr. Tanchek, Harry Reid, Shelley Berkley, Dina Titus represent progressives from a bygone era: progressive fossils, progressive dinosaurs and progressive spenders if you will; Mr. Michael Tanchek in particular is living proof that anything the government touches will take longer to resolve, the recipients will endure the worst possible decision, replete with inflated costs and few will be satisfied with the outcome.

  But don’t take our work for it! In a recent article in the Las Vegas Business Press: “Nevada Labor Commissioner  Michael Tanchek recently set the hourly pay rate for carpenters, boilermakers and other trades working on public construction projects.” The results are based on a statewide survey. Several trades saw significant increases: Boilermakers for instance will now earn $59.50 per hour or a 47.7% more than a year ago … and highway strippers receives $33.57 per hour, which is 42.75% higher than 12 months ago [21]. We’re simple Scotch Irish Catholic folk from Pennsylvania Appalachia. My grandfather wore a shoulder holster as paymaster for the local coal mining company but none of this makes a lick of common sense.

  We can’t move the highways to have them striped somewhere else but we suspect that the contractors bidding for those jobs are including the artificially high costs of painting yellow marks on the street in their bids which means the artificially high labor expense of these projects escalates a Nevada State Budget deficit already estimated in excess of {$800,000,000.00} eight hundred million dollars. This represents a failure of Mr. Michael Tanchek to perform the duties of his office with Delivery of Honest Services, negligence or worse criminal corruption.

  In regards to Boilermakers let’s assume it requires 1,000 labor hours to complete a boiler or related heavy equipment from rolled steel through finished product. Let’s also assume we could hire labor in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico for $15.00 an hour {much higher than the current prevailing wage in Mexico for skilled labor}. The costs of building the Boiler in Nevada is $59,500.00. The costs in Mexico is $15,000.00. Furthermore let’s say the costs of transporting the Mexican Boiler to Nevada via train or truck including set up is $20,000.00 then the premium to build the Boiler in Nevada is $24,500.00. Remember the prevailing wage in Nevada is set and not a guideline.

  If Nevada won’t accept a Mexican built boiler then once again the resort, factory, hospital or end use passes the overage of labor from the Nevada built Boiler on to the end user and in the event of a loss then the state is once again burdened with lower tax revenue, higher deficits or both.

  We realize that the labor definition of the work “Boilermaker” extends well beyond one who make boilers to include maintenance etc. but at the end of the day Mr. Michael Tanchek by waiving his magic wand and assigning bogus values to the “value or costs of labor” in an economy with a 20% commercial vacancy rate [22] demonstrates a contempt for reality and his actions alone exacerbate to the downside an already fragile economy for labor. Sure some of his cronies will benefit from his pumping of the labor rate but make no mistake about this: The Labor Commissioner Mr. Michael Tanchek is no friend to the people of Nevada. His actions including the enforcement of prehistoric statutes like NRS 611 have cost Nevadans thousands of jobs.

 Mr. Donald Trump would you intervene for us with those two most eloquent words ever spoken by a true visionary of free markets directed to Nevada Labor Commissioner Mr. Michael Tanchek; “You’re Fired;” or please request that he meet you in the ring at a WWF, (now WWE World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.) event in Las Vegas and break one of those fake chairs over his head and then tag your female teammate who could pick him up and twirl Michael Tanchek over her head before launching him into the frenzied crowd. 

  Governor Gibbons please intervene and fire Mr. Michael Tanchek disband the Office of the Labor Commission and allow the free market to work which will soak up the excess supply of labor over time. Why not ask people to work out casino wage beefs for themselves? If employees do not agree to tip sharing under whatever arrangement the management of Wynn confers then it’s a short walk to the parking lot. The Government has established a minimum wage; any upside thereafter is based on merit.

O. Wanted: Sue Lowden for U.S. Senate!

We agreed with one statement uttered by District Court Judge Ken Corey. Judge Corey said he likes to see the dynamic tension of the case work through the proceedings thereby usually rendering a more pure verdict or decision. We believe in the dynamic tension of retaining two healthy political parties. The Republicans and Democrats should be equally aligned against each other thereby creating stalemate and a natural remedy to government intrusion into our lives. We liked President Bush. He sent us Christmas cards and called us once too! However we did not like financing two wars with debt while cutting taxes and not properly regulating the financial markets especially with his hair properly coiffed but useless Christopher Cox at the SEC.

We recently watched as Christopher Dodd announced he would not seek a 6th term. That’s right {30} years as a United States Senator. What an embarrassment! When did it become vogue to die in office? Oh and once the country pays off its massive debt and prints two {2} consecutive surpluses you can reapply for your and your wife’s retirement package.

We are amazed at how tone deaf the current administration is regarding pushing their political agenda after the economy tanked. They have effectively injected capital into the sewer by investing in bankrupt firms, loading up the federal balance sheet with private dept while competing in the open market for available capital thereby depriving the private sector of the funding necessary to “rehabilitate” and grow this economy. They represent a few vocal radicals but in the process of appeasing their base have created a firestorm of opposition that may bury them in the midterm elections and render this president a technical lame duck in November.

P. President Obama flirts with disaster at GM

  Union membership has been in decline for decades, the big three auto companies were destined for failure for years but the unions threats of walk outs and strikes crippling production, each time management “farted” a suggestion that the legacy costs of each worker adding thousands of dollars to costs per vehicle and must be scaled back, delayed the day of reckoning until last year. Now they’re back with their “Cadillac” Health plans while the rest of America is grateful to be employed. How were they able to ford the bankruptcy court and carry their excesses into the new company now {80%} eighty percent owned by the government? The carry forward of legacy costs may hasten the day this company returns to bankruptcy court for liquidation at a total loss to the taxpayer; Memo to President Obama: {JAL} Japan Airlines after receiving four separate infusions from the government is now worthless at {$150million}, or the price of one jet, and has filed for bankruptcy. [19]The goal for GM is to list a new Denali for under $30,000.00 and make a profit. That’s what I’m taking about!

Q. You, you and you can go the rest of you must stay!

  In the last election cycle we were treated to such jingles as Change you can believe in and redundant references to C-Span transparency until of course the door slammed shut in the face of the American People and “Cadillac” Health Plans remained codified as liabilities on the balance sheet of newly emerged from bankruptcy General Motors.  Howie Long is a great spokesman for Chevrolet but no company will survive a buyer’s boycott due in part due to GM product prices remaining high in a deflationary economy, the perception that a special deal was cut or that the bondholders were sacrificed in favor of the unions and now the unions again protected, their “Cadillac” health plans immunized from subsidizing the monster stealth care bill about to burst forth from behind closed doors. Then we read that our Amish brothers and sisters were graciously immunized from health care reform. They exited stage left their horse and buggies at full gallop. Who’s next? The “Birther’s” if they drop their lawsuits; The Rastafari* or Rastas*, or our personal favorite and local Las Vegas frequenting Raelian faithful living in estate homes, advocating free love, whose female adherents dress provocatively and were booted from the airport for their attire. This spiritual sexual movement was founded by a former journalist of a race car magazine: [15] {Memo to Darcy Spears}

Former White House Economist Michael J. Boskin says: “American investors no longer place much credibility in the economic and fiscal statistics being reported by the U.S. Government, and are “increasingly inclined to disbelieve them.” and “solid reliable information is needed by investors, because “as a society, and as individuals, we need to make difficult, even wrenching choices, often with grave consequences” and  “to base those decisions on misleading, biased or manufactured numbers, is not just wrong, “but dangerous.”

Squandering their credibility with these numbers games will only make it more difficult for America’s elected leaders to garner support for difficult decisions from a public increasingly inclined to disbelieve them writes Boskin

When the yoke of the failure of this administration is eventually lifted from the people there will be much work to do to restore the integrity of the government to its citizens.

Designer Bankruptcies by Erika

Few will survive the relentless grind of a flat economy!

  Local yokels like Erika Pike Turner of the prestigious law firm of “Gold and Silver” or Gordon and Silver support other forms of poppycock. We intervened and rescued alley cat tough Erika Pike Turner while she was dumpster diving at the county for smut about us. She’s beautiful, classy and smart but we liked her anyway! We attached a safety harness to her belt loop and yanked her backwards just as she was about to fall into the abyss.

  Erika Pike Turner’s newest claim is that the Herbst gaming bankruptcy will represent the model for future reorganizations [16] within the gaming sector, where the original owners who ran their company into the ground will lose their equity stake but retain their Executive Management Titles and positions.  Now they can implement strategies with the new company and run it into the ground but using {OPM} other people’s money! As the cartoon beer people on TV used to say. Brilliant!


Unemployment should return to 5% by 2020.

7 million jobs have vanished into thin air! [18]

  In the last track of a new CD appropriately named Buffett Hotel, Mr. Buffet provides a brief intro to: “A lot to drink about” by stating. “Did you notice the world has changed, All the news is bad!” We may face the distinct possibility that some of the seven million people who have lost their jobs will never work again for the rest of their lives. Permanent unemployed people if you will. The carnage of the recent past is destined to remain with us for many years. Navigating through this economic quagmire will require new thinking and dismissal of certain instilled mindsets regarding how we view our relationships with each other and how evaluate our relationships and or addictions with our stuff enhancing our ability to thrive in even the most uncertain of circumstances.

Detaching with Love

  We loved the show Ice Road Truckers featuring the drivers of heavily laden tractor trailers and escorts in tow driving north over frozen Canadian lakes in the middle of the winter for the annual re-supply of the diamond, gold and silver mines with much needed clothing, food, tools and equipment including insanely heavy diamond mixers for delivery to near the Arctic Ocean. Sometimes the Ice would crack under the enormous weight and occasionally a truck was lost but the drivers kept their cool and ferried many loads to achieve their bonus pay at the end of the transport season.

 In life we must leave behind people, places and things that are not healthy for us. In the rooms of ACA recovery we refer to this as detaching with Love. We all love Las Vegas but in times like these we might want to consider that for now anyway we need to trade our anxiety for stability in Iowa, Missouri or Nebraska or other agricultural based or more stable and diversified economies replacing our anxiety with restful sleep as the night breeze stirs through the field of golden wheat and other recession proof crops as agribusiness gears up for a massive boom in the next few years.

  Transitions are difficult: The three most difficult experiences in life include death or termination of a relationship, loss of job or financial distress, and moving.

   In this article we have suggested that many persons will no longer be able to navigate life successfully in Clark County, Nevada. This jurisdiction like the frozen Canadian Lakes is enduring relentless pressure from above. It’s never a good idea to deplete ones savings and all available reserves to maintain the status quo. There may be little more discouraging personal tragedy than to be rendered homeless and penniless in a rapidly downshifting local economy where the available social services network contracts under duress. Therefore as we suggested in www.askdrchristopher.com/badlands plan your work and work your plan. If that doesn’t work try attending church, temple or your local mosque and then contact us.

Preview of part II & III of this series

Caution Deflation Ahead!

  One thing is for certain. In a few years our credit scores may all read 000. Why?

   Because debt is being converted to equity or destroyed through default or formal bankruptcies and as prices decline the purchasing power of the dollars you own increase. Americans are ahead of the curve and contrary to popular belief the stock market is a lagging indicator. The retail investor has not returned to buy stocks and for good reason. He and she are squirreling away money that may increase in value simply by remaining in or under the mattress. The retail investor was burned in the dot com bubble and again in February of 2009. Fool me once shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me.

We can help!

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*Rastas say that Jesus Christ was black, and that white Christian society (or Babylon) has commonly depicted him as white for centuries in order to suppress the truth and gain world dominion over all peoples.


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