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Media Reality IV

“Media Corruption”

Today’s Double Feature:


What’s Eating Darcy Grape?

Starring: Darcy Spears

as “Johnny”

With a special guest appearance by Nina Radetich

as boyish “Leonardo


What’s an Attorney General to do?


  We recently witnessed along with almost everyone else in Clark County the sudden demise of one of the sweethearts of news delivery. At least that is the perception of many viewers of Nina Radetich. We remember Nina Radetich from earlier times reading news with a different backdrop promoting the number “3” a staple in her life and the most powerful number representing the origin of the universe and to Christians the Trinity of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


   Those were the good old days when Nina Radetich appeared in Police uniform having completed the rigors of training academy life and in one brief moment captured on video thrusting a baton while screaming a police version of the marine war cry while simulating crowd control procedures against invisible anarchists.


   We were rather ambivalent about Nina Radetich and her news broadcasting career and knew little about her other than she was an overachiever from Bakersfield and hogged the equipment at the Las Vegas Athletic Club in the women’s private gym.


   On November 30, 2005 our perception changed forever when we were subjected to an unrelenting attack from Darcy Spears that engulfed the church where we were married, our house of worship, and various charities we funded all over our hobby photography of “nudes” for conversion to portrait Art.


   Nina Radetich in her “back to you”  from Darcy Spears in a calm and caring manner interwove like a pretzel our professional occupations into the report summary.  The devastation she wrought was complete to Zenity Foundation, Physician Alliance Group and United States Medical Foundation.


   Darcy Spears cronies and professional victims include Traci Glon aka Ariane Glon aka Ariane Enterprises aka Art of Ariane, Shannon Hudnell aka Abstract Lucidity who hacked Las Vegas Art Gallery a site Darcy Spears claimed was non existent  and removed art portrait certificates of authenticity and was apprehended when she attempted to verify them with the original artist.

  Local collector of paper judgments and part time attorney G. Luke Ciciliano  continues to wave a dog eared looking print out of Darcy Spear’s hit piece against us to District Court Judges while defending his deadbeat doctors though the original posting was removed by management of KVBC-TV3 at our request in October of 2008. 

  We submitted a list of errors committed by Darcy Spears in her reporting of us including the previously unpublished allegation that Darcy Spears called the “FBI” liars by contradicting their official spokesperson in a Louisiana school probe. We sent Darcy two letters seeking her retraction of the story, a private apology, phone call, contact by carrier pigeon, or naval fly over but to date we have yet to receive the favor of her reply. The letters remain posted at:

darcy spears letter one.   And   darcy spears letter two


   The day before Darcy Spears contacted Father Thomas Gallenbach at St. Joseph Husband of Mary in the summer of 2005 an anonymous letter arrived directed to the same priest. The writings indicated that we were involved in the “porn industry”, my beloved wife was a phone sex operator and that we should be expelled from said house of worship. Did Darcy attempt to soften up the good reverend with this tactical maneuver? Is this type of behavior standard operating procedures in this new age of investigative journalism?


  We didn’t appreciate that converting nude photos to portraits for a reality art gallery some portraits which promoted anti-drug and pro-marriage or monogamy themes were worthy of a report and stalkers centered on our church, our home, our mail drop, gym, grocery store, our recovery web sites, our art collection and even our visit to the annual Greek Festival at St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church in Las Vegas, Nevada where we were confronted by angry white yuppie couples in 2005  prior to the broadcast.


   But scandals involving members of the church are nothing new and we are in awe of the company of another legend in the painting of the ceiling of The Sistine Chapel in the Vatican by Michelangelo:  “The main components of the design are nine scenes from the Book of Genesis, of which five smaller ones are each framed and supported by four naked youths or Ignudi.” [1].  Legend has it as previously reported on ABC’s Nightline that Michelangelo was so distraught with Pope Julius II  that he painted an expression of  the “fig” as part of several angelic figures. This would be comparable today to presenting ones middle finger to the Holy Father.


   Darcy Spears presented three live witnesses against us. One we never met is allegedly deceased from a drug overdose, the second Shannon Hudnell an import from Florida and the third and most intriguing was Traci Glon who was the main source for a Darcy Spears report that originated in Florida in 2000 involving moving companies. Strange how Darcy Spears could happen upon a poor girl from Chicago like herself at that time and they both found themselves in Florida just in time to apprehend the mean moving people and then they both spirit to Las Vegas and a few years later Traci Glon appears as the primary victim in a Darcy Spears investigative report regarding our modeling for art hobby. Is it appropriate for an investigative reporter to recycle the same “victim source” in non related broadcasts without informing the viewers? We think not.


   Is it appropriate to thrash the reputation of a sitting Nevada Supreme Court Justice Nancy Saitta with tapes discarded by the “FBI”; her source this time a jailbird who unbelievably after recounting this story to Darcy Spears was allegedly arrested again for other frauds committed while in the cooler?


  Prior to the airing of Darcy Spears report against us we received in letter form from Traci Glon a series of demands for payment. The first was for seven hundred and fifty dollars {$750.00}for a one hour photo session conducted three {3} years prior even though her current Model Mayhem web link indicates she models for {$75.00} per hour.  A second letter followed seeking {$1,500.00} fifteen hundred dollars with an offer to consummate the deal at the check city off of Harmon Avenue near the Opulence and the last known address for Traci Glon aka Art of Ariane. The third and final demand was proffered through the attorney for Shannon Hudnell, G. Luke Ciciliano, who in the ensuing defamation case against his client presented an offer of judgment against us and for his defendant clients for {$15,000.00} fifteen thousand dollars or a 100% premium from their last extortion demand. We refused.



  Fast forward to the recent past when a series of articles and commentary first appeared regarding the “Tire Works” story buried within the story; compliments of Abigail Goldman and the Las Vegas Sun. In her article Ms. Goldman states


“State law prohibits recording telephone conversations unless both parties agree. The source who provided the recording to the Sun assured the newspaper that it was obtained legally.”


We disagree with the promoted version of the Nevada Statue which actually states:


       NRS 200.650 Unauthorized, surreptitious intrusion of privacy by listening device prohibited.  Except as otherwise provided in NRS 179.410 to 179.515, inclusive, and 704.195, a person shall not intrude upon the privacy of other persons by surreptitiously listening to, monitoring or recording, or attempting to listen to, monitor or record, by means of any mechanical, electronic or other listening device, any private conversation engaged in by the other persons, or disclose the existence, content, substance, purport, effect or meaning of any conversation so listened to, monitored or recorded, unless authorized to do so by one of the persons engaging in the conversation.

      (Added to NRS by 1957, 335; A 1973, 1749; 1989, 660)

In other words by this definition either party could have employed a “silent listener” who was authorized by either party to the conversation. When Rosie Weightman the owner of “Tire Works” and subject of Darcy Spears hit piece called Nina Radetich, Rosie could have legally authorized a silent listener on her end to record the conversation.

Darcy Spears reminds us of Clint Eastwood in his famous “Dirty Harry” Series of Movies. In one scene Inspector Harry Callahan {Clint Eastwood} is conversing with the Police Commissioner or other superior who states something to the effect “Callahan everywhere you go people die”

The same rhymes true with Darcy Spears. What happened to her promising career with CBS in Chicago? She apparently started over in Las Vegas with NBC affiliate KVBC-TV3 and prior to her departure a bloodbath of turnover ensued. Nina Radetich who was rumored to be moving to San Francisco for an anchor gig appeared instead with Darcy in tow at local Las Vegas ABC affiliate KTNV-13.

 Prior to the arrival of Darcy Spears at KTNV-13 Glen Meeks was tapped as investigative reporter until of course Darcy Spears scooped his story one day prior to his debut regarding the guy who accepted consignment merchandise from people warehoused and sold their stuff and forgot to pay them their due. Then magically the ethical person we knew as Glen Meeks morphed into someone who looked and acted like Darcy Spears. Can you say complicity Jim Prather?

Allegedly Darcy Spears scooped Colleen McCarty of local CBS affiliate KLAS-TV8 regarding the story of the eye care center. Both Colleen McCarty and Darcy Spears graduated from University of California @ Berkeley and each received their Masters degrees from Medill School of Journalism @ Northwestern University. Strange that Darcy Spears would crap all over a fellow Wildcat alumni too!

But there’s more! We love Nina for her community service in hosting her annual Nina’s night out at the Palms Hotel and Casino. We must admit we know the Maloof family from way back, and we mean way back, to the echoes of New Mexico. After the scarlet curtain descended on yet another successful Nina’s night out sponsored in part by the Palms and her prior employer KVBC-TV3 something weird happened. Darcy Spears emerged from the sewer with a video tape of an incident of an allegedly drunken suspect and his interactions or altercations with security personnel at the Palms!

We are convinced the ejection of inebriated patrons transpires with relative frequency at almost every drinking and gambling establishment all over town. The Nevada Supreme Court recently ruled on a case resulting in just such a forcible ejection from resorts located outside of Las Vegas. So why on the heels of a grand event did Darcy rub the nose of a contributing sponsor in investigative reporting poop?

Theory I

 The first theory is that Darcy Spears was jealous and wanted to rain on the parade of Nina Radetich. Kind of like the current foray in the “Tire Works” saga. Nina was seeking to placate the ad guys on staff. She volunteered to refer the mark or Rosie Weightman to someone who could assist in minimizing the usual destruction originating from Darcy Spears habitual lack of fact checking and soliciting testimonies sometimes out of thin air. By the time you sort everything out that she reports about your life, business and wife you’re residing in a homeless shelter.

 Nina was stuck by and between attempting to save a sponsor of the station and her charity and allowing an alleged socio path to direct punishment onto another paying sponsor in a deflationary economy.

  In this theory we visualize Darcy Spears sitting around watching the action in the news room and cannibalizing paying customers for her own journalistic forays under the pretense that any paying advertiser represents fair game promoting her illusion that the station is not biased for certain businesses and against others in their quest to deliver a product and retain credibility with the viewing public.

   The risks that the advertising pool may dry up and the station folds is of little consequence to Darcy Spears who apparently derives pleasure from inflicting pain on others or in the alternative she believes that her job security is dependant on the failure of her peers. People like Glen Meeks, Maria Montera, and did we mention Nina Radetich.


Theory II

The second theory suggests a more ominous motive for an organized conspiracy to commit extortion. Think of Darcy and company including her friend from Las Vegas, Florida and Chicago Traci Glon and her coworker Nina Radetich and other unnamed co-conspirators who are operating a protection scheme within a legitimate business. They seek out individuals and businesses and offer to provide protection against their peer Darcy Spears in the delivery of her blast. Those that cooperate and provide cash, favors or other compensation are treated even handedly or the story is dropped altogether; However those that refuse their demands are subjected to their full cruel unrelenting assault with companion online posting on such dirt bag publications as Rip Off Report compliments of people like Traci Glon or peripatetic transients like Shannon Hudnell aka Abstract Lucidity, the lecherous clown SayCheez! and a myriad of other anonymous handles they sport that we have yet to discover. To date we have continued to receive “free press” compliments of the “alter ego” of Darcy Spears, Art of Ariane who in her latest rant describes us in the theme “When Psychos Attack” for her pals on a Model Mayhem post. Unlike previous posts that were eventually disinfected with exposure to the light of day the gang is not taking the bait and Ariane Glon aka Art of Ariane is humiliated by other models and photographers on her own modeling forum. Sweet!

 art of ariane model mayhem when psychos attack.


So what’s an Attorney General to do?

On February 2, 2007 we contacted The Attorney General of Nevada with a ten page letter presenting much of the same discussion as dictated here without the benefit of the Palms “security breach” and the current revelation of the formerly secret tapes by and between Nina Radetich and Rosie Weightman. We briefly met Catherine Cortez Masto on a chance encounter prior to Christmas in 2006 while shopping at a local Sports Authority in Las Vegas, congratulations was the theme of the day with her recent election.

We are saddened though to think that she may have succumbed to the pressures of the other “Dirty Harry” and initiated a criminal complaint against the Lieutenant Governor allegedly for acting on advice she gave to him while he served in a different elected capacity. Now we have a case of he said she said with Darcy Spears claiming the investigation of “Tire Works” was a joint effort with the Office of the Attorney General of Nevada but the Office of the Attorney General allegedly stipulating to a District Judge in a recent hearing that this prosecution was no joint effort probably in an attempt to salvage their contaminated case against “Tire Works” and shake off Darcy Spears who attempted to weld her reputation to theirs for the duration of this story. Now the ever elegant really cool under fire Catherine Cortez Masto faces the substantial prospects of not prevailing in next election; the truncation of a once grand career path now in double jeopardy especially since her office may have sold their evidence against “Tire Works” the bait car at auction. [2]


Harry all good things must come to an end

Senator Reid is from a small town named Searchlight Nevada, but curmudgeonly old men sporting bitter beer faces and Senate Majority Leaders running from Fox News microphones are out. Republican contenders willing to walk through the Harry Reid gauntlet of fingerprint free attacks and his mountain of cash reserves are all in; especially appealing is the hot, hot, hot photo op of one particular contender as she posed in front of an image of Nevada Big Horn Sheep!  Now that’s what we’re talking about!


Hi my name is Nina and I’m emotionally unavailable….

 We read that Nina Radetich was referring to the alleged extractor of Rosie and Tire Works from the clutches of Darcy Smears as “her boyfriend”. We cringe to think of forty plus year old women utilizing sophomoric terms of endearment in describing their love pals. But again we only had to reminisce back to the good old days when we would stay at home on New Year’s Eve entertain dinner guest and then watch the combination of well mannered visitors and drunken animals mug for the cameras, but we were especially fond of that blustery New Years Eve when still employed by channel 3 the team gathered around the grand piano strategically placed outdoors. Beth Fisher rallied the troops shaking off the cold and cheering the countdown to a year when she would become unemployed while Nina Radetich sat far to the rear of the back side of the piano alone again naturally.

Media Corruption

We once placed a psychiatrist in a hospital setting in rural Kentucky. She was a marginal candidate at best but she wanted the position and the administrator offered her a contract. We were paid quite handsomely for this referral but within a matter of weeks upper management arrived fired the administrator and then fired our physician.

This is the only remaining cure to the troubles at ABC affiliate KTNV-TV13 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ship is listing badly and Jim Prather is to blame. He failed to terminate Nina Radetich for committing two cardinal mistakes of broadcast journalism.

1. She betrayed her station/profession

2. She became the story

 We realize that Nina Radetich isn’t the brightest crayon in the box but morality is more aligned with spiritual intelligence or wisdom than emotional intelligence which brings us to Mr. Jim Prather who executed judgment on himself. Salvaging one persona to lose the franchise is never a good idea, If {Mr. Prather} have been compromised then he should deal with it. If the ownership of this station is to retain any viable presence in Las Vegas and continue as an ABC affiliate they must now terminate Jim Prather, Nina Radetich and for good measure Darcy Spears. It’s just business, nothing personal, Right Darcy!

Who will continue to advertise with a station that may unleash Darcy Spears on your grandfather’s business now owned by you and as part of the deal subjecting your life’s work to alleged extortion demands whether organized or advanced by rogues?

We empathize with all the professionals who continue to put forth their best efforts in the mastery of their journalistic craft at ABC affiliate KTNV-13 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Remain employed but initiate a game plan to extract yourself from this environment as quickly as possible. The economy in Las Vegas is very tough so think of expanding your geographic criteria and appreciate that a smaller market will provide more viable options in the near term. Sometime we need to take a half step back in order to proceed with our original game plan promoting future career aspirations. The withdrawal may be painful in the short term but your viability will be tested in a culture when mandatory downsizing appears imminent. Out the window or out the door, plan your work then work your plan.

In “Media Sadist” our most recent critical review of Darcy Spears we concluded that a boycott of KTNV-TV13 remains the only viable option to rein in the moral depravity of local management. Home made banners fluttering in the breeze while draped from overpasses represent another example of the fatigue with business as usual policies where the self important narcissistic among us are rewarded for ruining our lives … and if by chance the “Nina Lies” posters were delivered the same way Ron Paul supporters [3] stirred the patriotic embers nestled deep in our hearts during the last election we appreciate their efforts to coax us out of group think and collective denial.

It’s time to detach with love from people who don’t represent us and our views. Us meaning: we, and we meaning the people who love our Teachers, Police and Firemen. We the people think that our Sheriff deserves to stay in nice hotels when he’s visiting Washington D.C., and enjoy a cocktail or two and a nice dinner. After all you’ve only been with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department since 1980. By all means Sheriff Gillespie please apply them to the trip and don’t worry about this trash talking media slut waving your expense accounts around on television as in the perverted world of Darcy Spears if her punishing spotlight illuminates your life we think you must be doing something right!  We the people v. Darcy Spears coming soon to a web site near you!



All rights reserved

Email us:  doc@askdrchristopher.com



Ms. Nina Radetich                                                                  

KTNV Channel 13 Action News

3355 S. Valley View

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102


Dear Nina:

We certainly appreciate this most difficult time in your professional and personal life. As hard as this time is for you please appreciate that this moment will pass. The sense of betrayal you feel for all of your peers and other journalist who have relentlessly attacked you may seem unbearable. Rather than view them as your enemies think of them as messengers from Almighty God. We did! We were able to erase the clutter of all the acquaintances in our life who bailed on us after Darcy completed her trashing  after a two day prequel of non stop promotions for her and against us. We treasure the friends who remain in our life and who believed in us rather than some TV hack!

Since this February we have advised all of our friends to evacuate Las Vegas. The economy is unstable and not likely to improve anytime soon. Restarting your life in a State offering a safer economy with less day to day violence may represent a blessing in disguise.

We commend all of your efforts with Nina’s night out! You sacrificed much to pull these flawless events together with such grace and precision. People who like to arm chair quarterback but don’t step up to give of themselves and their treasure to assist other people will never appreciate that it is an act of faith and much better to give than to receive. So our advice is to not remain in such a contaminated environment but seek a fresh start . With your great smile and sunny disposition you’re going to make it after all! just like MTM!   <><

Editors Note:

We are not interested in the ruination of reputations, but we have endured an endless onslaught of unsavory depictions, defamation, stalking, stalking by proxy and harassment of us, our lives and professions for the last four years. We felt that after the initial broadcast Darcy Spears and her ilk would seek out other venues to ply to trade. They have but they have continued to commit additional acts against us to this day. We purchase web sites to promote new art communities and within hours they have  generated fresh anonymously authored Rip Off Reports defaming our efforts. Since it is apparent that they do not intend to cease and desist as has been requested of them on several prior occasions and since Darcy Spears does not possess the leadership skills necessary to reign in her minions we are committed to exposing them as the Internet Super Predators and cowards masquerading as “survivors” and “victims” while hiding behind third party anonymity to ply their evil hate. We are committed to:

1. Stopping their attacks on us

2. Stopping their attacks on others

3. Mitigating the damage they have caused to others. 

[1] Wikipedia Title: “Sistine Chapel

[2][3] Who’s behind the jabs at local TV News Anchor Nina Radetich Abigail Goldman The Las Vegas Sun October 7, 2009

Lynyrd Skynyrd

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Lynyrd Skynyrd (pronounced /ˌlɛnərd ˈskɪnərd/ LEN-ərd-SKIN-ərd)[1][2] is an American rock  band, formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1964. The band became prominent in the Southern  United States in 1973, and rose to worldwide recognition before three members and one road  crew member died in an airplane crash in 1977, including lead vocalist and primary songwriter  Ronnie Van Zant. The band reformed in 1987 for a reunion tour with Ronnie's younger brother  Johnny Van Zant as the frontman and continues to record music today. The band was inducted  into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame on March 13, 2006. 



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