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Media Sadist

Oh Darcy Where art thou?

From Peabody to Pothole to Sinkhole to the Sewer

    The regression of the career of local Las Vegas investigative reporter Darcy Spears has devolved with the speed of greased lightning. Once a formidable competitor of the juggernaut of investigative reporting at CBS affiliate Las Vegas station KLAS-8;

    Darcy Spears of ABC and Las Vegas affiliate KTNV-13 previously unceremoniously dumped by local Las Vegas affiliate KVBC-3 is now  officially to painful to view!

    Reporting on school kids left on buses, principles with to many copiers, kids parking in handicapped spaces at the local community college and piling on the school district in general is easy pickings as public servants can’t sue you or your sources for defamation. We get the message, you’re such a loose cannon that legal is guiding your story development.

    You tried to Dove tail an Attorney General Investigation of Tire Works but they were wise to you and sued your “fake” sources like the “fake” sources you broadcast on that fateful night of November 30, 2005 against us.

    Darcy Spears do you know what happened to the lives of your three witness contacts for your story Doctor dabbling in more than Psychiatry? Well one Cynthia Whisnant aka Chaotika allegedly died from a drug overdose. {Darcy Spears did she really die?}.  

    Your second model source Shannon Hart aka Shannon Hudnell was sued by us and after her first attorney bailed on her for defaming one of his lawyers with a sexually repulsive online posting:  {shannon hart rants.}  she hired  local hack attorney G. Luke Ciciliano who did not prevail in his ludicrous counterclaims and attacks against us and is now appealing the verdict to the Nevada Supreme Court. His client allegedly previously filed for bankruptcy so if the Nevada Supreme Court refuses to hear this appeal or does not reverse the decision of the trial Judge she Shannon Hudnell is on the hook for $43,000.00 of our legal fees.

    Which brings us to Traci Glon aka Ariane Glon aka Ariane Enterprises the lone survivor of the defendants in this litigation and your pal. She prevailed in the litigation without an attorney but the stress of three years of litigation has allegedly taken an enormous toll on her health and appearance too. She now appears angry, frail, confused and paranoid as conveyed in a recent voicemail she left for us. {traci glon voicemail}.

    All we ever wanted from Shannon Hudnell was an apology but she refused and is now relegated to additional financial duress for years to come.

    Which brings us to you Darcy Spears;  we vetted your report of us and corrected your errors. {darcy spears letter one} That was in September of 2008. We sent you a second request for an apology in December of 2008 {darcyspearslettertwo.} and are awaiting the favor of your reply. Finally in February of 2009 we sent another letter regarding additional acts of defamation committed against us by your pal Traci Glon  {acts or worse}.

    Darcy Spears your silence is deafening! No one is perfect but your refusal to accept responsibility for your own negligence and defamation accelerated your decline.  Experts in pubic relations crisis management preach for the “offender” to immediately offer a meaningful sincere public apology, implement solutions to prevent future mishaps and move on.

    With the new lawsuits filed against your alleged sources for Tire Works it seems you have learned nothing and are more than willing to allow your “witnesses” to be torched to accommodate your inflated version of reality or your trademark Darcy Spears investigated reports spun with zero fact checking and failure to utilize other principals of good reporting that you {or your Mommy and Daddy} paid in exorbitant tuition to learn at McGill.  Although Journalism school alone can’t cure warped personal values or a nihilistic belief system.

   This is the second time in three years your sources have been sucked into the legal abyss for cooperating with you. Anyone who ever speaks with you again in or out of your professional capacity should be advised that you Darcy Spears are a liar and a fraud and Your  untreated dysfunction  will continue to  infect their lives causing many years of pain and suffering for those innocent who just wanted to help!

    In the mean time we invite those Americans who are exhausted with the endless leftist propaganda spewed from ABC to join us in boycotting this network and their local Las Vegas affiliate KTNV-13.  Please do not patronize any of their sponsors! © 2009 all rights reserved

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Is this little Darcy?

Is this little Darcy?


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