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Mental Health and Recovery

Why are some people so angry?

    Many of us have heard the expression that anger is a mask for fear. A story was told of a patient in a psychiatric ward. Each day he would confront the nursing staff by screaming at them “I don’t belong here”

    One afternoon the psychiatrist was on the floor. first The man escalated his rant and shouted at the doctor. “I don’t belong here” The physician replied calmly: “But you are here”. The man was instantly subdued and quietly returned to his room. Within a brief period of time his condition improved and he was provided an unconditional release.

    Another story is of a man who committed a massive fraud by conning investors into financing his scheme.

He would payoff the security guards at a number of luxury buildings hosting numerous corporate offices. He then provided tours to his prospective investors and claimed that his company retained the cleaning contracts to these esteemed fortune 500 clients. Investment capital soon poured into his corporation.

    Unfortunately there were no contracts {or contracts on a much smaller scale}.

     Eventually he faced the wheels of justice and was incarcerated. One Thanksgiving Afternoon he was sitting in his cell and contemplating how his life had Regressed to this point, He admitted to himself for the time that it was due to his behavior and accepted responsibility to himself for his current predicament. Shortly thereafter he was released as a pure and reformed gentleman. He then dedicated himself to exposing scam artist, referring many to Federal Law Enforcement Agencies in an effort to make amends and protect society from financial predators.

    Facing oneself as emotionally naked outside the cocoon of denial may be daunting but necessary if one is to achieve any peace, gratitude and happiness in this life.

    Alcohol, Drugs Sex, Gambling may provide a brief respite from an otherwise painful existence but if one is to achieve lasting respite we must walk through the pain rather than allowing it to remain inside of us.

    The pain and the accompanying fear will depart when faith is summoned. Faith is a gift from a power greater than our selves but it is freely given. We must ask though and then act as if we have already received it. In time anxiety, fear of all things including abandonment and the fear of financial insecurity will leave us and we will cast the anger and resentments aside to live a life we never thought possible or that only other people lived.

    Remember there are no people without problems {double negative but worth it} There are only people who have learned to manage their problems one day at a time.

Enclosed is one voice mail of a person in pain.

     Each caller is  a woman and all them  are dealing {or not dealing} with core issues relating to debt collection or pending judgments in civil litigation and each one is rejecting any responsibility for their actions or involvement in the circumstances to which the are now enjoined. In denial each caller is projecting their fear through anger onto the intervening party.

  A man once videotaped his wife after a hard night of drinking {by her} He then played the tape back to her

a few weeks later. She almost died of embarrassment.

What would a video tape of one random day in our lives reveal?

We can live a life of shame and blame or gratitude and gain.

Life is Fragile Handle with Prayer!

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