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Opinion “Legal Madness” Part II:

Hillbilly Heaven in the land of Jackpot Justice


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Rule H. The State Bar of Nevada

The Lawyers Union

Regardless of what you read on their web site regarding protecting the legal consuming public from the effects of bad or corrupt lawyers and how the State Bar has even taken one lawyer to the Supreme Court for overcharging his client from like 1994 though the case remains as active the last time we checked; make no mistake the Nevada Bar exists to protect the interest of the legal profession and not you the public. Only when the behavior of a lawyer traditionally not a heavy hitter is considered so odious that the creditability of the entire industry is at stake does an intervention proceed but only after internal polling much like back room vote counting of peer groups provides sufficient cover against retaliation or blowback.

As with all families an internal feud is now aired as dirty laundry compliments of the State Bar of Nevada in Clark County, Nevada. Apparently a lawsuit has been filed by three former employees of the State Bar of Nevada against the State Bar citing they were subjected to abuse and intimidation by their former Executive Director Kimberly Farmer.

We love Kimberly Farmer as she responded with an appropriate reply to one of our numerous complaints filed against Luke Ciciliano and for purposes of the theme of this story we love her name! [109]

We believe that the allegations regarding Kimberly Farmer are pure hokum. One of the plaintiff’s and former employees of the State Bar Georgia Taylor so bundled our request to resolve our fee dispute with John Peter Lee that we were forced to make additional appearances in court in which neither side prevailed. In essence she defaulted to the whims of our former lawyers. Thanks Georgia Taylor!

Our take is that Kimberly Farmer returned to the State Bar so excited that she scored the new CD and vouchers for the upcoming Justine Bieber Never Say Never tour and wanted too share her joy with her former associates at the State Bar; but Georgia and the other plaintiff’s were so enraged and jealous that she didn’t invite them for the concert event of all time that a cat fight ensued the fur flew and the losers ended up in court licking their wounds. You Go Kimberly and Never say Never! Can we provide your security detail for the big event?

Rule I    The Bad and the Ugly

  Law Firms and Lawyers you may want to avoid in Las Vegas

We have compiled a list of the three worst law firms or lawyers in Las Vegas and our rankings are based on the amount of damage they inflicted on their own clients. It was a surreal experience to watch our clients who became clients of these lawyers and in opposition to us punished emotionally and financially as we observed from across the table. Since it was their free will to be subjected to such abuse who were we to object?

Honorable Mention for Worst Attorney in Las Vegas is Erika Pike Turner close but no cigar as you might say she came up short.     

3rd worst attorney:

 Shane Jasmine Young: Her client was an up and coming Colon Rectal Surgeon completing his training at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. As a result of prolonged litigation he was asked to surrender his Minnesota License and eventually returned to Canada to work under a nil contract rather than completing his and our goal for him to practice in Seattle, Washington with a doctor and mentor ready and willing to sponsor his J1 Visa. David Hochman, MD., eventually made a settlement payment after expending a cool $20,000.00 for the services of Shane Jasmine Young; monies that could have been better expended for his relocation and acceptance of his dream surgical appointment. At the end of our discourse the fog lifted and he realized that the reporting of Darcy Spears contributed to his predicament and wondered why no one had sued her for defamation.

Our impression of Shane Jasmine Young was validated when she appeared in court with our favorite lawyer. Although stunning in appearance and more suited to modeling or acting than law and possibly naïve in legal circles; she cratered the career of her own client for what purpose? …and then wasted time out in half empty court rooms witnessing Otis the Town Crier embarrass himself in open court.

2nd worst attorney:

 Luke Ciciliano: We wanted to join his Facebook page but were afraid he would charge us a non refundable retainer to be his friend. Then we read words to the effect:  “Does your team have 27 paper judgments?” His happy face rating in www.lawyerratingz.com isn’t smiling. It’s blue like it’s been holding its breath. The critiques are brutal save for one client who is most happy with the service provided which conveys an opportunity for vindication if Luke helped him skate past two potential felony convictions. Maybe his calling remains in criminal law rather than his one size fits all civil strategy with zero ability to negotiate the heavy lifting required to seek amicable resolutions. 

Worst Law Firm in Las Vegas, Nevada is….

John Peter Lee, Ltd.

 Tammy was mesmerized by the Marine background of one attorney in the employee of John Peter Lee. We referred nine civil cases and we were lucky that we actually settled two of them with cash payments by the defendants. When the smoke cleared our contract was shredded by the courts, our corporate veil was no more with all liability flowing directly to us as persons and the stalking, harassment and online defamation continues unabated to this day three years after trial. Thanks Darcy for offering day passes to the criminally insane to serve as sources, supplicating realism of your award winning style.

One day while in the conference room of an arbitrator located in some non descript seedy industrial building near the airport provoking flashbacks of Bangkok and while waiting for Erika Pike Turner and her clients to arrive our John Peter Lee assigned attorney for the day stated that he wanted to put his foot up his pregnant wife’s vagina; to us the sure sign of a hung over emotionally raw, venting, and non prepared lawyer. A few hours later we lost the case.

 Our first tell though was when the principal John Peter Lee fell asleep during our initial consultation. When I was departing to testify about employment law before the Nevada Senate he stopped me in the foyer of his office and requested that if I was able to seek assembly and senate support to amend the law {NRS 611} I should request that the law be written retroactively. At that moment I knew the game was basically over.  The law did not apply to us in the first place as we were and remain online and web design proficient and not block and mortar as stated in the Nevada waiver. Opposing counsel successfully pigeon holed our status and our attorney with one judge and then another until everything we worked for in bringing physicians to the chronic underserved areas of Nevada was completely destroyed including all of our accounts receivables. In the meantime we suffered a vicious hacking attack by a named defendant who gained access to all of our client files and gutted our relationships but the attorneys at John Peter Lee were unable to respond as they remained so far behind the tech legal curve that we simply absorbed the loss and filed an insurance claim. In the fall of 2008 we fired John Peter Lee and refused to honor any of his invoices for payment. Instead of negotiating a settlement for the outstanding bill or return monies he pissed away he filed for a perfected judgment with each court and now retains his own paper judgment worth $80,000.00+ where it will sit on his desk until he makes amends to us and forfeits them.  In Hillbilly language we rolled him for 80 large.

We noticed on his home page that his two finest attorneys have departed. Mr. Reynolds and Paul Ray were the only lawyers able to assist in our cause in any meaningful way. Junior has recently joined daddy’s law firm. We love family reunions especially in hard times. We only hope he was welcomed with an extra large office to share with the monkey on his back. On the tag line for the homepage of John Peter Lee, Ltd. litigation is spelled “litagation” We can accept errors as it happens to us all the time. What’s worse though is his Kipling quote of the day: “Most Amusements only mean trying to win another person’s money.” Is John Peter Lee referring to the amusement of winning his own clients money? [42]

Rule I        Bad Lawyers can damage Clients for life.

  The true and lasting test of any business relationship is whether one’s life is better after the relationship is consummated.  Our relationship with the law firm of John Peter Lee, Ltd did not enhance our legal standing in any way so we fired them! We were more educated about administrative, internet, and legislative law. We testified before the Nevada State Senate- Banking and Commerce committee chaired by Senator Rudolph Townsend and wrote most of the motions pled by John Peter Lee on our behalf.

In short we would rank John Peter Lee, Ltd. as the worst law firm in Nevada but only slightly worse than Otis; In our humble opinion both physician #1 and physician #2 have been irrecoverably harmed by their relationship with Otis. We only hope they can each find a way to come out from under the ether and appreciate that they paid a huge price for their previous intransigence and the joke was on them! When is that check from Luke due in the mail?  Both of these doctors are cordially invited to come back to Vegas and “visit their money”-Louie Anderson.


Homeowners Associations and Law

Homeowners associations are entrusted to insure that each dweller residing within the confines of said community adhere to common standards including appearance and of course paying their dues. But the system faltered as these associations were transferred from the builders to the communities when power hungry clowns paraded for support to win elections and chairmanships no doubt dreaming of scaling in at the local level and then rocketing across the political spectrum for touchdowns on the Clark County Commission, as Governor then as President or at least Vice President of the United States. Anything can happen just ask Joe Biden!

 A lawyer allegedly hatched a plot to stack numerous associations with political cronies who then filed defective litigation claims against the builders and utilized the services of one Nancy Quon to represent said plaintiffs collecting a staggering sum in settlements and judgments on behalf of associations. The tentacles of greed may have affected the judicial ranks and the United States Attorney’s office in Las Vegas as both remain under investigation by the U.S. Attorney in Washington D.C. as well as parallel investigations of the Las Vegas Office of the U.S. Attorney by the F.B.I. [86] We have all heard that the darkest hour is just before the dawn but in Las Vegas it appears that the darkest hour is just before it turns completely black at least as far as the economy, political-judicial corruption and a vacuum of leadership is concerned. Did we miss anything? 


 Real Estate and Law

During the course of one of our cases Traci Glon was cited for contempt of court and fined $800.00. Our lawyer Trevor Hatfield initiated the process to attach her Van which may have doubled as her surveillance office when working for Darcy Spears. Trevor was going to expend five thousand dollars {$5,000.00} to complete a legal seizure in Nevada for a vehicle that was fully depreciated and appropriate to drive one day of the year, Halloween. We cancelled his ambitious foray and eventually Art of TG paid the bill when threatened with jail time by Judge Susan Johnson.

Our critique of the legal system does not revolve around setting the record straight or shaming people we believe wronged us; the legal personalities in this publication are interchangeable with those in any locality practicing law, accepting client monies and appearing prepared or not in any of the thousands of court rooms each day in this the United States. The hopes, aspirations and or economic survival of their clients hang in the balance. Some lawyers are prepared and efficient but many are ill prepared or worse. Is it prudent for a lawyer to represent a homeowner attempting to stop a foreclosure when their sacred cash reserves could be better used to restart life somewhere else or there remains little doubt in spite of the Supreme Court of Massachusetts ruling that in the end a banking entity will step forth presenting the required documentation to the court? We have yet to hear someone scoring a free home due to paperwork snafu but we are quite certain that six or seven years from now someone will emerge from this financial storm and inform the world that they lived rent free for something like ten years and spent the collective total of zero in legal fees to score the prized free parking the mortgage and paperwork sold to an emerging market start up in Tazmania, Australia and later packed into a Coke bottle for safe keeping prior to the cyclone making landfall; the title now bobbing around in the Southern Ocean.

 Nevadans have chosen more of the same with the election of Barack Obama and re-election of Harry Reid. Recent trends including an escalation of the already national leading unemployment rate, double dip in housing just around the corner and three major casino companies lurching toward bankruptcy in addition to Station and Terrible Herbst He who have recently emerged with no assurance that they will make it a second time in spite of their ability to lure fresh suckers into participating in weekend snipe hunting forays or at least holding the unsecured debt bag. 

People are debating why in Nevada and more specifically Clark County one out of four foreclosures remain strategic defaults meaning the homeowner/mortgagor retains the ability to pay but elects to return the home to the bank. The reason is simple; they have decided to cut their losses. There is no moral issue of shame regarding strategic defaults. We believe that strategic defaults provide a counterweight to all the clucking on CNBC and FOX business as the daily regurgitation of why stock pickers and infomercial maniacs believe in this economic recovery. Scant attention is focused on the vaporization of the housing market as that is yesterday’s news and last weeks party the debris of empty bottles and drugged whores the lone tell of the greed driven gargantuan appetite for destruction masked as success.

These financial whiz kids pumped exotic instruments and then through their deep political connections privatized {capitalized} the gains and socialized the losses meaning they gamed the system so that the taxpayer would be on the hook for their folly; the money they earned destroying the American Dream was off limits. Did we mention that Goldman Sachs held their hand out and pocketed a cool $2.8B in cash simply because they asked for it; money for nothing now there’s a song in there somewhere.

The newest twist is to have their crony Ben Bernanke, who along with The Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner who completely missed the warning signs leading up to the collapse of Bear Sterns and the ensuing shake out, is now pumping up to 600,000,000,000.00/600B as part of QE2 into the stock market propelling an overbought market into the stratosphere. The strategy will be to protect the interest of the government through a transfer of profits and crush everyone that went along for the ride when he suddenly reverses and the path of least resistance is down instead of up. As they short everything in sight a controlled panic will ensue over a period of time as investors dump their positions driving the market back down to new lows where the scavengers will once again pick up the tattered remnants of once high flying stocks paying great dividends with international exposure and all the rest of it but now for a price earnings ratio of 1 instead of 16 and then the game can begin again; the transfer of trillions in wealth from you the retail investor and your 401K to the ultimate insiders requiring but a few days to several months to complete their running of the bulls in their designer suits screaming like giddy school children as they jump up and

down reaching and stabbing at the swirling mountains of cash blowing forth in the wind tunnel of life stuffing their suits, underwear and even their mouths full as the only rule is when the game if over you may depart and retain only the money that is affixed to your body including any orifice or clenched in your velvety soft fists.


 Rattlesnake Guitar:-The Music of Peter Green 1997.2.1(Billy Sheehan)

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